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The ultimate PACS integration solution for Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging THE PACS SOLUTION FOR THE INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE IMAGING Multimodality viewing, processing and reconstruction of PET-CT, PET-MR, PET-CT-MR, SPECT-CT, SPECT-MR, SPECT-CT-MR, SUV-PET, SUV-SPECT®, CT/MR/CTA, QGS, QPS directly from the RIS PACS reporting workstation SUV-SPECT® HYBRIDRECON NEUROLOGY PET SPECT Brain Analysis HYBRIDRECON SPECT Reconstruction HYBRID VIEWER PET-CT, SPECT-CT NM PROCESSING THE SEAMLESS SOLUTION: QUICK, SECURE, INTEGRATED AND SHARED REPORTING EBIT and Hermes merged their competences about Enterprise PACS, NM software applications and Multimodality Fusion Imaging creating an innovative seamless automated workflow for NM studies coming from any tomograph: image processing is directly performed on the PACS reporting workstations where the Hermes software is booted. The study includes all the data, univocally archived, and it may be easily recalled to perform subsequent processing and comparisons. This is a vendor-indipendent solution regardless of modalities’ brands and typologies, does not require the installation of additional hardware and eliminates the use of the tomograph console. Various display protocols may be selected from the PACS interface: PET CT, NM Bone Study, Kidney, Cardiac, etc. with information pre-sets and easy tooltips for multimodality functions. POSTPROCESSING • Renogram Analysis • Lung Quantification • Thyroid • Gastric Emptying • SI Joint Analysis • Transit Reflux • Gallbladder EF • Hepatobilary Analysis • DMSA Analysis • 3 Phase Bone BRASS BRAIN ANALYSIS, FOR NEURO-DEGENERATIVE DISEASES • Normality Database • EANM Approval • Parkinson with DaTSCAN • HMPAO for Bi-polar and Schizophrenic Disorders • FDG (with PET) for dementiae and Alzheimer ADVANCED FUSION IMAGING AND 3D RENDERING FOR MORPHOLOGICAL AND METABOLIC IMAGING • Automatic Voxel Space Position & Selectable Segmentations • Computation of distance, angle, SUV, 2D ROI and 3D VOI statistical analysis • Image Fusion and Movie MIP of PET and CT images • Fusion overlay with transparency adjustment • Co-recording and automatic and semi-automatic fusion of any image combination and mode • Comparison and numerical analysis of examined studies • Comparison of the same VOI between time references • Copy of ROI and VOI objects to the CT and MR for anatomical correlation • RTP Export Structure: to export

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The ultimate PACS integration solution for HEflMCS MEDOL SOLUTIONS Croup CofFfKiry Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging NUCLEAR MEDICINE ENTERS THE RIS PACS WORKFLOW: EBIT AND HERMES TOGETHER TO PROVIDE A STATE-OF-THE-ART PACKAGE THE FRIULIVENEZIA GIULIA CASE Ebit (Esaote Group), contractor for the PACS tender in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Italian Region since 2010, has developed, together with HERMES Medical Solutions, an innovative and outstanding solution for the four Nuclear Medicine centers of the Friuli Region (Udine, Aviano, Pordenone and Trieste) that has become operational in the...

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