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Etgar Medical Implant Systems is a division of Etgar Medical Instruments, a company founded in 1991 to provide precision machining services to medical device companies. Our design and manufacturing expertise is based on extensive know-how accumulated from years of working with the biggest names in the business. Our team of highly trained technicians and craftspeople and a manufacturing facility equipped with state of the art machinery ensure excellence at every stage of the production process. As a dental professional you will experience the same high quality products sold by the market leaders without the overhead of a large company built into the price. Compliance with International Quality Standards All of our products are manufactured and packaged to meet mandatory certifications for medical device production including MDD 93/42EEC, ISO 9001:2008, 13485:2003. Etgar’s reputation depends on ensuring that every product that leaves our factory meets the most stringent quality assurance standards. We built our reputation on quality and as such it’s built to last! THE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION NETWORK IQNet and THE STANDARDS INSTITUTION OF ISRAEL hereby certify that the organization MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS Management System medical implant systems Northern Industrial Zone POB 499, Nahariya 2210401, Israel. Tel: + 972 (0) 4 622 1000 Email: Today’s name in tomorrow’s implant technology medical implant systems Today’s name in tomorrow’s implant technology

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SURGICAL TOOLS AND COUNTERSINKS CATALOG No. Code: EDE - External Irrigation EDI - Internal Irrigation DRILL STOPPERS SURGICAL TOOLS EDS 5019 Marking Drill x 0 1.9 mm Gang Drill Internal Irrigation Length 16 mm Available with external or internal irrigation Available with external or internal irrigation Surgical Kits EDE 1010 EDEI 1010 Drill Extender Drill Extender 3 ' n 1 n r i ETE 3040 Measure Drill Depth Hex Driver L=7 mm 0 1.25 mm Hex Driver L=10 mm 0 1.25 mm Hex Driver L=15 mm 0 1.25 mm Motor Mount Hex 1.25 L=22 mm Motor Mount Hex 1.25 L=28 mm Motor Mount Hex 2.42 L=20 mm Motor Mount...

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