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General Catalogue - 2

Common Main Features 04-05 Surgical Lights Common Features 06-07 Accessories and Optional Features 08 Hera+ / Hera S+ Technical Specifications 27

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General Catalogue - 3

Turkey's First LED Based Surgical Lights Manufacturer Etkin Tibbi Cihazlar was established in 1996 as a medical device sales and service company. Since its establishment, Etkin Tibbi Cihazlar has adopted high quality and trustworthy customer service as the company's main philosophy. Etkin Tibbi Cihazlar started manufacturing and sales of the LED surgical lighting systems in 2012 and has become one of the renowned brands in the world. In the Turkish market the company is a medical device importer and seller as well, and it performs in the areas of intensive care room equipment, operating...

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General Catalogue - 4

Our History Turkey's First Surgical Lights Manufacturer "ETC Development Project" supported by Izmir Development Agency was concluded successfully. "ETC Marketing and Technical Services Development Project" supported by KOSGEB has been successfully concluded. Factory investment has started in Çigli Atatürk Industrial Zone. Production ofLED surgical lights has started. It became the sole distributor of Hamilton Medical AG in Turkey. "Sahara LED Based Surgical Operation Light Project" supported by TÜBİTAK was successfully completed. It was among the "100 Fastest Growing Companies in Turkey"...

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General Catalogue - 5

Common Main Features Shadowless Lighting Ergonomic light head design feature minimizes the probable shadow of the head or shoulders of the surgical personnel interfering in the operation area. Vibration-Free Lighting Ability to adjust flicker-free lighting without any changes in color. Low Power Consumption Thanks to the fresnel structure, decrement of lighting is minimized and all power is focused on the lighting area. Stable And Unchanging Lighting In case of failure in any LED/Module, the other LEDs continue illumination maintaining the light intensity. High CRI Value Thanks to its high...

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General Catalogue - 6

Common Main Features Internal & External Endoscopic Mode External and internal endoscopy mode are used for comfortable lighting during closed operations such as endoscopy and laparoscopy. High Level Design: Environmentally Friendly-User Friendly-Ergonomic High quality components are integrated with innovative design and successful engineering in all products for superior lighting and longlasting high performance thanks to environmentally-friendly, user friendly, and ergonomy. IP54 Protection Light heads are resistant to dust and liquid at IP54 level. The Latest Technology Led Chip LED chip...

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General Catalogue - 7

Surgical Lights Common Features Integration Systems Etkin Tibbi Cihazlar offers innovative and fully compatible surgical lights to be integrated with all solutions you needs. Remote Control System Lighting systems can be controlled from outside the operation area with a Wall Control Panel, Remote Control, and a mobile tablet. All heads can be controlled synchronously from a single control panel; Meanwhile, they can be controlled separately. Laminar Flow Light head design provides ideal laminar airflow to manage air turbulence to minimize bacterial contamination. DUCOP®-Double Sided Control...

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General Catalogue - 8

Surgical Lights Common FeaturesUHD/FULL HD Camera Integration Uninterrupted high resolution surgical image of 3840x2160 or 1920x1080 transfer to all imaging devices is provided for the purpose of recording and training. Camera: Perfect Image And Wireless Transmission Wireless camera feature combines existing Full HD and Ultra HD camera technology with the advantage of encrypted and wireless communication. The high-resolution images can then be transmitted to a main receiver or multiple installers without the need for any additional cables. Camera features also be controlled from wall...

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General Catalogue - 9

Sterilizable Handle Wall Control Panel (Wireless) Sterilizable Camera Cover Medical Monitor Remote Control Customizable User Interface Memory Function External Endo Mode Color Temperature Adjustment (Kelvin) Optional Features Wireless Camera Automatic Light Field Management (ALM) Automatic Shadow management (ASM) Sterile Control With Multifunctional Handle Operation Area Control Function

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General Catalogue - 10

SURGICAL LIGHTS Elite Series operating lights provide solutions with various head mounting styles. Elite series can provide 160,000 lux illumination with minimum power consumption through high energy efficiency. Sterilizable Handle Can be sterilized at 134°C in autoclave IP 54 Light heads are resistant to dust and liquid at IP54 level. Excellent Lighting and High Performance Elite Series surgical light, which is the first series been produced by Etkin Tibbi Cihazlar and exported to the international market, attracts attention with its unique control panel, low power consumption,...

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General Catalogue - 11

Ease of Use and Superior Control Elite Series Remote Control System Light systems can be controlled from outside the operation area with the Wall Control Panel, Remote Control, and a mobile or tablet. UHD/FULL HD Camera Uninterrupted high resolution image transfer of 3840x2160 or 1920x1080 to all imaging devices is provided for the purpose of recording and training. Wireless Camera and Camera Infrastructure With its camera infrastructure and wireless camera technology, the systems is ready to be used without the need for any equipment for assembly in the installation and removal of the...

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General Catalogue - 12

Elite Series Technical Specification Model Light Intensity Light Intensity Adjustment Level %20-%100 10 steps*-From Control Panel 3.800K-4.800K*- From Control Panel Color Temperature Adjustment Level 3 Steps* Manual / 5 Steps* Motorized Head Diameter Lighthead Material Aluminum, Antibacterial (Smooth Surfaces, Curved Corners) Spot Adjustment Manual / Motorized Spot Diameter Temperature increase at the sugeon's head Increased temperature in the operating room area Power Consumption Laminar Flow Compatibility Resistance to Dust and Water Radiant Energy Endoscopy Mode Optional Features DUCOP...

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General Catalogue - 13

SURGICAL LIGHTS We have integrated innovative solutions that improve working conditions in the operating room into Pergamon+ series. Sterilizable Handle High User Comfort with Automatic Spot and High Lighting Depth Light heads are resistant to dust and liquid at IP54 level. Pergamon+ series offers the option of automatically correcting any distortion of circular homogeneity in the spot that may be caused by the distance to the surgical field. With its wide spot scale and high illumination depth, it provides the most suitable focal diameter and illumination comfort for all surgical types....

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