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THE FIRST ITALIAN LASER FOR THE TREATMENT OF CELLULITIS POTENTIAL BODY SLIMMING WITHOUT HEAT OR PAIN. Eufoton Co. presents ISTAR™ the product of Italian LLLT technology of red laser for the treatment of cellulitis, body slimming, reduction of localized adiposities of waist, flanks, belly and thighs. WHICH IS THE MODE OF ACTION OF ISTAR™? ISTAR is a medical laser of the family of LLLT lasers (acronym of LowLevel Laser Therapy), which are used for about thirty years to enhance the cell metabolism and lymph drainage. However, only recently their property of inducing a definite lipolysis and increased tissue oxygenation was ascertained. This result is obtained through a ROS-mediated vasodilation and change of pH value. ™ ISTAR™ consists of 4 red-diode laser sources of 50mW at the wavelength of 635nm. The 4 special flexible arms on which the laser heads are mounted, focus each ray enabling to treat a very wide area up to a maximum of 20x20 cm surface for each head. Each laser, with the aid of an intelligent software, operates in a self-standing way independent of the other lasers. Their action differs depending on each area to be treated. During treatment a specific gel (ISTAR™ gel) is applied to increase the laser effect. EFFECTS OF ISTAR™ ON FAT CELLS The red 635 nm lasers of ISTAR™ hit the fat cells (adipocytes) and induce the following effects: • Impaired activity of mitochondria which change the cell metabolism. • New distribution of mitochondrial energy charge which creates some pores on the cell membrane. • Cleavage of triglycerides and generation of fatty acids and glycerol, which come out of the cell through the membrane micropores and enter the interstitial tissue. • Lymphatic system collects these micropores and can use them in the form of energy. No invasive intervention. No side-effects. Treatment is effective in 2-3 weeks. via Flavia 23/1 - 34148 Trieste (Italy) - Ph. +39 040 9899082 Fax +39 040 9890555 - -

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THE FIRST ITALIAN LASER FOR THE TREATMENT OF CELLULITIS POTENTIAL BODY SLIMMING WITHOUT HEAT OR PAIN. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Which are the functions of ISTAR™ on slimming and cellulitis? ISTAR™ uses red diode lasers to stimulate the body neural processes facilitating the removal of fat contained in the adipocytes via a lipolysis mechanism. The four lasers of ISTAR™ activate the energy processes of adipocytes with production of glycerol and fatty acids. These final products are eliminated by the transient generation of the pores of cell membrane of adipocytes which release a fatty...

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