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Multi-Purpose chairs solutions euroclinic.it it’s a Trademark of Medi-Care Solutions srl - ITALY Chairs and Units Wide Spectrum of essential custom solutions for your activity. Design Innovation Care ENT solutions Podiatry solutions Since ever the Company applies its know-how to new projects in ENT, Diagnostic, Podiatry and Multi-Purpose chairs fields, paying a particular attention to the quality of the employed materials and to the refined Design that make Euroclinic products highly recognizable in the medical world. It is focused on research, development and manufacturing preserving the knowledge and the commercial network of Euroclinic brand. Edition April 2016 / design D+ (d-plus.it) Medi-Care solutions is the evolution of Euroclinic world. Euroclinic Innovative Solutions Medi-Care solutions offers a wide range of medical products branded Euroclinic for ENT / PODIATRY and GYNECOLOGY outpatient rooms. The relatively short production cycle, if compared to the products complexity, is organized according to advanced assembling and testing procedures, that being in compliance to all EEC rules in force finally grant excellent results in terms of quality and reliability standards. The result of Medi-Care research. Besides a 24 months warranty coverage it can be appreciated also a prompt service of spare parts supply with fast dispatches of the required items. Euroclinic products assortment is characterized by modern shapes and versatile options (e.g. tissue color for chairs and stools, painting colors for front-drawers or small parts in units) but above all by its constant innovation thanks to a prompt upgrading of the integrated technology. Chairs and Units solutions for Podiatry

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Podiatry chairs A wide range combining comfort and functionality. 2 Years warranty for all products Euroclinic podiatry chairs assortment has been conceived in order to satisfy operator’s requirements. Comfort and technology are keywords when developing chairs models. The efficiency of the electrical movements combined to the possibility to control the chairs in wireless modality through a foot control with preset memories at operator’s choice make each single model an invaluable device during the daily professional activity. Motorized chairs movements are controlled by a foot control....

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