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STERIX The STERIX project stems from the need to reaffirm the value of quality and excellence in the sterilization field and to guarantee the safety of therapies to avoid unexpected economic and legal consequences. The STERIX project contains numerous innovations that elevate the autoclaves performances, safety, reliability and durability. STERIX is the best mean for sterilizing the most delicate surgical instruments. Thanks to its exclusive heating system the instruments are not exposed to thermal shocks or «over heating» and therefore preserve the original operating features over time....

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STERIX committed to quality and innovations

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STERIX The heating system is the beating heart of every autoclave. A poor heating system determines poor performances (long times and high consumption) and it generates technical problems that cause costs and inefficiencies. MediCare Solutions has developed an exclusive heating system that ensures excellent performances, reduced consumption and maximum reliability. The heating system is developed with 3 interactive technologies: ■ Integrated adaptive heat ■ Double steam generator ■ Air warm up system Highly innovative heating system with low environmental impact Integrated adaptive heat...

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Sterix Sterilization Experience - 5

STERIX Sterilization for professionals The exclusive features of the STERIX adaptive thermoregulation enable to safely sterilize the most delicate surgical instrumentation, while preserving their operating properties and duration. A badly working turbine not only takes longer to treat, but sometimes induces less precise treatments.

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Sterix Sterilization Experience - 6

STERIX To guarantee the sterilization safety, the EN 13060 standard prescribes some rules. These include the autoclave’s ability to expel all air from the pressure vessel. The presence of air inside the chamber prevents steam from getting in touch on all surfaces and especially on the more difficult surfaces of the micro-mechanisms and hollow bodies. Hand pieces sterilization without risk of deterioration To achieve the vacuum levels prescribed by the standard quickly, the STERIX autoclaves are equipped with a very powerful two-cylinder vacuum pumps. 44 lt / min - 0.97 bar. The power of the...

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Sterix Sterilization Experience - 7

Simplicity means security Although the autoclave uses sophisticated technology, its use is simple and intuitive: just select the program and press the Start button. The entire cycle is monitored by the microprocessor and at the end of the cycle the green light turns on to allow the door to be opened. Thanks to the energy saving plan, STERIX is also equipped with a night cycle. Also in this case the cycle is monitored by the microprocessor. In the morning the operator will find instruments fully sterilized and dry and the autoclave turned off. Easy to use means safety. The simpler the use...

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Sterix Sterilization Experience - 8

STERIX Excellent performance The speed of the cycles and the load capacity determine the concept of performance. STERIX autoclaves perform very fast cycles with a high and flexible «useful» load capacity. The possibility of doing many cycles during the day reduces the number of instruments required per day and improves work organization with lower costs. STERIX has been designed for professional offices that work intensively and need to make numerous cycles during the day. The perfect balance between power and consumption Energy saving The power of the heating system and the pump enable to...

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Sterix Sterilization Experience - 9

STERIX because not all class B autoclaves are generated equal Eco-sustainability The STERIX project combines excellence, technology, performance and eco-sustainability. The stainless-steel casings and avoiding the indiscriminate use of plastic express the sensitivity of Medicare to the environment. Thermal energy recovery technologies (for steam generator and preheating), chamber thermal insulation in ceramic fiber and energy saving programs contribute to the eco-sustainability of the STERIX project.

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Sterix Sterilization Experience - 10

STERIX The STERIX line presents 2 models that differ in the capacity of the pressure vessel: STERIX 18 with 18 liters chamber STERIX 24 with 24 liters chamber Both chambers are made of stainless steel made with a mold and without welding. The absence of welding guarantees smooth surfaces and eliminates risks of failure. Safety the innovative design of the chamber, the absence of welding and a certified testing system guarantee maximum safety. The closing mechanism has been designed to guarantee maximum safety. The 4-hinge locking system eliminates the danger of accidental hinge failure. The...

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Sterix Sterilization Experience - 12

STERIX The control panel consists of a large Full Screen display with Touch buttons The large display allows to show all information in an exhaustive and orderly manner and this simplifies its use. The operator can choose between 8 sterilization programs and 2 Test programs. The cycles are stored by the microprocessor and can be downloaded through the Wi-Fi. The LED display ensures easy readability from all positions and offers greater guarantees of visibility and durability than LCD displays even in extreme weather conditions. - Self-diagnosis - Night cycle - Cycle counting - Maintenance /...

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Sterix Sterilization Experience - 13

STERIX light - una sorgente Sotto il display,Color code a LED A white LED light illuminates the consente di illuminare il piano di working lavoro. area during loading and unloading operations. The same Light, turning color, La stessa sorgente, durante il indicates if the surfaces of the ciclo, cambia colore consentendo autoclave are hot or cold. all’operatore di visualizzare lo status During the phases of the cycle the dell’autoclave. same > interruzione del to display Rossolight changes colorciclo. the “status”. Verde > ciclo completato e strumenti sterili Thanks indica che l’autoclave...

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STERIX Programs Cycle FULL LOAD FULL LOAD FULL FABRICS VACUUM TEST Steriliz. Time Description Type Temperature °C Drying time Load type Solid, Solid, Solid Solid, Solid, Solid, Solid, Depend by porous, porous, unwrapped porous, porous, porous, porous, selected hollow hollow (rif hollow hollow hollow hollow parameters A and B A and B EN13060) A and B A and B A and B A and B wrapped wrapped par. 10.5 wrapped wrapped wrapped wrapped (Rif EN868) (Rif EN868) (Rif EN868) (Rif EN868) (Rif EN868) (Rif EN868) Helix test Bowie & Dick test Functional Test 1)It may be shorter if the SMART DRY function...

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