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Product Catalogue 2021 - 1

Automation Autoimmune diagnostics Infection diagnostics Allergy diagnostics Antigen detection EUROIMMUN Medizinische Labordiagnostika AG · Seekamp 31 · 23560 Lübeck (Germany) · Tel +49 451/ 20 32-0 · · Molecular genetic diagnostics

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 6

The company · Global business For more information on this subject scan the QR code or enter the Quick Link code q109 at The company As one of the leading manufacturers of medical laboratory diagnostics worldwide, EUROIMMUN AG stands for innovation. More than 3100 employees in 17 countries develop, produce and sell test systems to support the diagnosis of diseases, as well as software and automation solutions for the performance and evaluation of these tests. Laboratories in over 150 countries use EUROIMMUN products for the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases...

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 7

EUROIMMUN meets its needs for qualified personnel not only through its presence at recruitment or trade fairs and via advertisements, but also through its own training and dual degree programs. In addition to vocational school, the trainees undergo a comprehensive practical and theoretical program and receive intensive support in their everyday work life. At present, the company has more than 3100 employees, of which 112 are apprentices and students. 1501 employees have an academic qualification and 206 a doctoral degree. The percentage of female employees is around 60 percent. The...

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 8

The company · Global business The EUROIMMUN Academy At the EUROIMMUN Academy qualified experts in medical laboratory diagnostics provide intensive theoretical and practical training at a high scientific level. The trainings comprise all topics from clinical pictures to diagnostic strategies, reagents, automation solutions and workflow generation based on laboratory software. The training content is optimally matched to meet the requirements and knowledge of the participants. Moreover, the courses are offered in different languages, e. g. German, English, French, Arabic, Swedish and...

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 9

The Institute for Experimental Immunology The Institute for Experimental Immunology was founded in 2005 to combine the scientific activities of researching new antigens and developing innovative methods. Highly qualified scientists work hand in hand on various projects. The institute creates the basis for the development of new test systems using state-of-theart laboratory equipment, such as a mass spectrometer. The most outstanding achievements of the institute include the following:   the cloning and expression of numerous recombinant antigens used in EUROIMMUN test systems, e.  g. VlsE...

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 10

The company · Global business Invention of TITERPLANE technique optimises incubation conditions for IIFT First ELISA: Anti-M2 ELISA (anti-mitochondrial antibodies) EUROPLUS technology: Multiplex IIFT by combining tissue and antigen spots Identification of allergy-inducing components using defined partial allergen diagnostics (DPA-Dx) Anti-Borrelia plus First ass on a recombi EUROIMMUN becomes a member of the PerkinElmer family 2012 EUROBlotOne: Fully automated blot device Milestone in diagnostics of membranous nephropathy: Exclusive anti-phospholipase A2 receptor (PLA2R) assays IIFT...

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 11

Analyzer I: First laboratory device 2005 VlsE ELISA (IgG): ay based nant antigen Anti-NMDAR IIFT: First recombinant cell (RC) IIFT RA Analyzer 10: First random access device based on ChLIA technology EUROPattern Microscope: First automated microscope Designer antigens: Anti-Gliadin (GAF-3X) ELISA with gliadin-analogous fusion peptide EUROLabWorkstation ELISA: EUROIMMUN’s high-throughput solution for fully automated ELISA processing IIFT slide washer: MERGITE! Nucleosome-mediated coupling of nDNA to the surface of ELISA wells (dsDNA-NcX) EUROLabOffice: Laboratory Information System 2010...

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 12

The company · Global business Groß Groenau Selmsdorf Lübeck Rennersdorf Pegnitz

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 13

For more information on this subject scan the QR code or enter the Quick Link code q163 at Global business EUROIMMUN subsidiary EUROIMMUN office Distributor The main country to manufacture EUROIMMUN products is Germany. From there the products – reagents, automated analysis systems and evaluation software – are delivered to over 150 countries worldwide. Other production sites are Hangzhou/China and Singapore. Both subsidiaries produce EUROIMMUN products for their own markets. All other subsidiaries are distribution companies, which also mostly have their own laboratories...

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 14

Research and development About us Scientific publications · Patents For more information on this subject scan the QR code or enter the Quick Link code q113 at Scientific publications Publications 2019/2020 1. Al Kahlout RA, Nasrallah GK, Farag EA, Wang L, Lattwein E, Müller MA, El Zowalaty ME, Al Romaihi HE, Graham BS, Al Thani AA, Yassine HM. Comparative serological study for the prevalence of anti-MERS coronavirus antibodies in high- and low-risk groups in Qatar. J Immunol Res 2019:1386740 (2019). Bartels F, Strönisch T, Farmer K, Rentzsch K, Kiecker F, Finke C. Neuronal...

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 15

Bieber K, Harder M, Staender S, Fischer A, Koehler B, Anamueller W, Zillikens D, Ludwig R. Fast and reliable diagnostics for skin infections. 46th Annual Meeting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Forschung, Munich, Germany (2019). Brock J, Herbst V, Block M, Stöcker W. Die Konzentration des Serum-Uromodulin als Indikator der globalen Nierenfunktion. World Kidney Day, Greifswald, Germany (2019). Franke AC, Lindhorst F, Sendscheid O, Steinhagen K. Dried Blood Spots are wellsuited specimens for detection of anti-Trypanosoma cruzi antibodies. Annual Meeting of the Association of Public...

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Product Catalogue 2021 - 16

Research and development About us Scientific publications · Patents For more information on this subject scan the QR code or enter the Quick Link code q114 at Patents To ensure investment in research and development, the company pursued further patent activity with EUROIMMUN AG employees as inventors in 2018 and 2019. A total of 29 new patent applications was published. Compared to the previous year, the number of patent applications again increased significantly. For patents from previous years, the patent protection was maintained and expanded through follow-up...

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