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Technical sheet Flow Lamp FABLOX FX3 The device works by exposing the air flowing inside the lamp to UV-C rays. The disinfection process works on the principle of absorption of UV-C 253.7nm radiation by nucleic acids and proteins of microorganisms, which damages the structure of their genetic material, making reproduction impossible. By means of this method, pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi in the air are neutralised. The device uses a patented flow channel which significantly extends the airflow path and thus achieves very high air disinfection efficiency. a device designed to work in public buildings, e.g. clinics, offices, hospitals, offices, etc. The device is safe for people, animals and plants. It can be used in rooms where people are constantly present. UV-C radiation hazardous to living organisms is emitted inside the device and only affects the air flowing through the device. Philips TUV T8 G13 2x18W UV-C lamps UV-C lamp lifespan is 9000 hours fan output is 120m3/h. dust pre-filter operating hours counter cubic capacity of disinfected room up to 60m3 power supply voltage 230V nominal power 42W degree of housing protection IP20 weight 8 kg dimensions of the device 21,5x28x89 cm

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