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Santxolopetegi Auzoa, 22 17 Posta Kutxa 20560 OÑATI (GIPUZKOA) SPAIN

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FAGOR INDUSTRIAL The MCC Group, a cooperative corporation to which Fagor Industrial belongs, is the leading business group in the Basque Country, and is the seventh biggest enterprise in Spain. It is made up of 260 companies, many of which are leaders in their respective sectors. The group employs some 80,000 people. From the very beginning, among the values that have distinguished MCC cooperatives from enterprises of other legal forms, apart from the policy of continuous innovation and client-oriented philosophy, have been their social responsibility with respect to the environment, Fagor...

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DISHWASHING RANGE The Fagor Industrial range of Dishwashers includes small glass washers for bars, cafés or small restaurants to large industrial sized models capable of dealing with up to 6,000 dishes/hour. Below we present our range of glass washers, front loading dishwashers, commercial through compact dishwashers, as well as the Clinic Line and ECO series, in addition to all of the accessories available for dishwashers with capacities of up to 2,000 dishes/hour. All of our equipment is designed to improve hygiene conditions: the exteriors of the appliances are finished with an...

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GLASS WASHERS All models are fitted with two washing arms, one Fagor glass washers come in three different models in order to adapt to different capacities and various crockery and cutlery sizes. Acknowledged for their optimum performance levels and functionality, they possess the following characteristics: New, filtering system: The height of the filter has been increased by 30% in order • Made of AISI-304 stainless steel • Round tank with tilted bottom to facilitate cleaning and draining to avoid any food particles getting through • Stainless steel treated heating resistors both in the...

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FRONT LOADING DISHWASHERS Double filtering system (trays + filter inside the tank) in FI-48 and FI-64 models. Classic opening dishwasher, with numerous optional features to choose from, more user friendly and advanced features, such as the Easy-to-fit detergent feed double filtering system, a series feature in all FI-48 and subsequent models. Moreover, all machines come with the easy-to-fit detergent feed kit. FI-30 Main characteristics: • Made of AISI-304 stainless steel • Round tank with tilted bottom to facilitate cleaning and draining • Stainless steel treated heating resistors in the...

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COMMERCIAL PASS THROUGH DISHWASHERS Our electrically operated commercial pass through dishwasher stands out not only for its power, but also for other practical features such as the detergent feed installation, or the dishwasher’s direct frontal access to the to the springs and the hood washing shaft, without any need to remove the back panels. Easily removable, selfcompensating hood. Main characteristics: • Made of AISI-304 stainless steel • Round tank with tilted bottom to facilitate cleaning and draining • Powerful, stainless steel treated heating resistors in the washing tank •...

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COMPACT DISHWASHERS The anti-splash module at the opening common feature of all models. These little giants are capable of washing from 1,600 to 2,000 dishes an hour, and can be fitted with a drying tunnel and a vapour condenser, in addition to a wide range of input and output tables, which endows the unit with a tremendous, high-quality washing capacity, while taking up the minimum of space. Main characteristics: Double wall of curtains at • Made of AISI-304 stainless steel entry and exit, as well as interior area separators. • In-built filter trays • 9 kw, stainless steel treated heating...

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The highest-capacity commercial pass through dishwasher (Fl-l20), as well as all compact models (Fl-l60, FI-200 and FI-200 H] are also available in a gas version. These are our ECO, so-called on account of their Economic and Ecological benefits. They are fitted with an external gas generator for hot water that affords the user numerous advantages: Saving: up to 80% saving. Ecology: Up to 100% reduction of contaminating waste emissions. Speed: System time setting is reduced by 40%. Versatility: Multi-gas: natural, butane, propane... The saving made on an ECO dishwasher will see you recover...

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FI-48, FI-64 and FI-120 dishwashers include a We provide a wide range of tables, sinks, specially designed version for more base supports and baskets all of which are demanding environments, where hygiene is available for our dishwasher models. a top priority. For such places, FAGOR has come up with the HY version, also called the Front-loading Dishwashers "Clinic Une", which is fitted with a system that Front-loading dishwashers can be placed ensures that the rinsing temperature does onto a specially designed base support. not fall under 83° C at any time. They can also be positioned under...

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Large Capacity Dishwashers Fa g o r

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Large Capacity Dishwashers Fa g o r “At Fagor Industrial we are so confident about our work, and especially about our equipment,that we let you see right inside”

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50 YEARS. MORE THAN 100 COUNTRIES. FIVE CONTINENTS. THESE A R E T H E F I G U R E S T H AT S U M U P T H E D E V E LO P M E N T O F O U R C O M PA N Y. To be the no. 1 manufacturer of catering equipment. That is our goal. Through hard work. By innovating in our four specialist areas: cooking, dishwashing, refrigeration and laundry. More and more specialised. Almost 50 years of constant progress. Member of the Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa (MCC), one of the major European groups, with more than 70,000 employees and a turnover of over 10,000 million euros. This encourages us to continue...

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D I S H WA S H I N G In the catering world, spotless dishes are the Machines manufactured in accordance with best form of introduction. At Fagor Industrial the strictest rules of excellence. Applied we are aware of that. For that reason, we t h roughout the production process. From the have not spared any effort in order to off e r choice of materials, right down to the very you an extraordinary line of great dishwas- last detail. With controls that guarantee dura- hing machines. bility, sturdiness, reduction in consumption and environmental friendliness at all times. We would like to...

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