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VOICE REHABILITATION VOICE PROSTHESES Restoration of the voice after laryngectomy remains at the centre of the holistic rehabilitation process for the patient. Voice rehabilitation with voice prostheses has been firmly established for many years, with the result that the proportion of patients with voice prostheses in Germany is around 80%. The advantages of voice prostheses are that the new synthetic voice can be learnt very quickly and the long phonation time due to the use of the complete volume of the lungs for phonation. The opening of the one-way valve mechanism is induced by...

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VOICE REHABILITATION INDWELLING PROSTHESES VOICE REHABILITATION INDWELLING PROSTHESES Blom-Singer® ADVANTAGE® Indwelling Hard-Valve Assembly Voice Prosthesis The Blom-Singer® ADVANTAGE Hard-Valve Assembly indwelling prosthesis with low-pressure valve is available as 20 Fr. version in sizes 4 - 14. In this version, silver oxide-containing silicone (7%) was used in the valve section in order to reduce early valve replacement as a result of Candida. This voice prosthesis also has a titanium ring for reinforcement of the shaft. It is also available as a soft-valve version without titanium ring...

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VOICE REHABILITATION CHANGEABLE PROSTHESES Blom-Singer® DUCKBILL Voice Prosthesis The Blom-Singer® DUCKBILL non-indwelling prosthesis can be changed by patients themselves after receiving professional instruction and briefing. The voice prosthesis, which has a uniform shaft thickness of 16 Fr., is available in sizes 6 - 18. ORDER INFORMATION: ► Blom-Singer® DUCKBILL Voice Prosthesis Blom-Singer® LOW PRESSURE Voice Prosthesis The main features of the Blom-Singer® LOW-PRESSURE voice prosthesis are a special valve system and minimal required pressure, i.e., the air flows through the voice...

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COMPLICATION MANAGEMENT SPECIAL ORDER SPECIAL ORDER VOICE PROSTHESES The Blom-Singer® Special Order Series offers a large assortment of special indwelling prostheses that cover specific requirements. All variants are made of medical grade silicone and are furnished with specific product features to suit the respective indications. Blom-Singer® CLASSIC™ Indwelling SL (Special Length) Voice Prosthesis The "Special Length" variant can be fitted more accurately and is available in special lengths (5-7-9 mm). It offers an additional assortment of lengths compared to the standard voice...

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COMPLICATION MANAGEMENT SPECIAL ORDERS / ACCESSORIES COMPLICATION MANAGEMENT SPECIAL ORDERS / ACCESSORIES TEP OCCLUDER Blom-Singer® CLASSIC™ Indwelling LETO (Large Esophageal Flange / TEP Occluder) - without phonation option The Blom-Singer® Large Esophageal Flange/TEP Occluder (LETO) is intended for non-invasive closure of the shunt channel without additional phonation option. A large oesophageal flange achieves good sealing with shunt dilation. The Blom-Singer® Large Esophageal Flange/TEP Occluder (LETO) is available as 16 and 20 Fr. version. ORDER INFORMATION: ► Blom-Singer® CLASSIC...

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VOICE REHABILITATION ACCESSORIES VOICE REHABILITATION ACCESSORIES Blom-Singer® Tracheoesophageal Puncture Dilator The Blom-Singer® Puncture Dilator is a tracheoesophageal puncture dilator with a fixed, tapered silicone stent. It is used for successive dilation of the shunt channel or fistula channel during replacement of the prosthesis and prevents leakage and closure of the shunt channel or fistula channel when the voice prosthesis is removed. The dilator is available with shaft thicknesses of 18 Fr. and 22 Fr. and is used for precise dilation for 16 and 20 Fr. voice prostheses. ORDER...

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LARYVOX® INSERTER PLACEMENT INSTRUMENT LARYVOX® INSERTER PLACEMENT INSTRUMENT The LARYVOX® INSERTER is used for optimal anterograde placement when replacing a voice prosthesis. A voice prosthesis cannot remain permanently in the shunt channel/fistula but must be replaced at regular intervals depending on its functional efficiency. Leakage of fluids with the transfer of saliva or food particles from the oesophagus to the trachea is a direct indication for examination by the physician and the potential required replacement of the shunt. The LARYVOX® INSERTER can be used to attach a voice...

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LARYVOX® INSERTER PLACEMENT INSTRUMENT LARYVOX® INSERTER PLACEMENT INSTRUMENT LARYVOX® INSERTER EXPERT SMALL The LARYVOX® INSERTER EXPERT SMALL is suitable for anterograde replacement or placement of a voice prosthesis with a shaft 4 mm long. ORDER INFORMATION: ► LARYVOX® INSERTER EXPERT SMALL    for 4 mm voice prostheses    REF 25915

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LARYVOX® INSERTER PLACEMENT INSTRUMENT LARYVOX® INSERTER PLACEMENT INSTRUMENT LARYVOX® INSERTER SPECIAL The LARYVOX® INSERTER SPECIAL can be used to attach a voice prosthesis securely to the placement instrument and introduce it anterograde into the existing shunt channel/fistula using the gel capsule technique. The LARYVOX® INSERTER SPECIAL is particularly suitable for a constricted shunt canal with a deep position or running diagonally and with a particularly small tracheostoma. The chamfered shape in the front section of the LARYVOX® INSERTER SPECIAL also optimises the view during...

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BLOM-SINGER® VOICE PROSTHESIS PLACEMENT SURGICAL KIT The Blom-Singer® surgical kit is a complete surgical set for one-time use and is used for intraoperative primary or secondary puncturing for placement of a Blom-Singer® CLASSICTM Indwelling voice prosthesis. The trocar included in the surgical kit has an extremely sharp-edged tip with a 3-sided ground blade. The tip enables effortless puncturing. The trocar also produces an extremely small puncture which is carefully dilated with the aid of the enclosed guide catheter until the precise diameter of the voice prosthesis has been reached....

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