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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021


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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 1

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 3

THERE IS NO HALFWAY All or Nothing (AoN) products are not only high quality and efficient, but also easy to use. Our know-how comes from hands on experience, working side-by-side with dentists. This knowhow allows us to tackle real-world problems, offering smart, easy solutions with uncompromising quality based on scientific research. Our products work together as a system and not individual parts. A system where each part is designed with the best possible outcome for the patient in mind. With over 20 years of experience across Europe, AoN Implants launches AoN Implants US. Manufactured in...

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 4

Dental. Dental systems and solutions developed after a scientific research, ensuring the use of the leading edge technology. AoN Implants’ dental line is the perfect ally to offer breakthroughs that meet your patients’ needs. Dental Prostheses. A perfect gear. AoN Implants’ dental prostheses ensure a secure placement of the abutment on the implant and promote lasting stability. Learn about the lines of prosthetic options for each type of surgical procedure. Instruments. Functionality and practicality. Pragmatism is the basis of the design of each AoN Implants instrument, so you can address...

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 5


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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 6

“With REVCON I was finally able to find a system capable of satisfying all the biological and biomechanical principles applied to implantology”

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 8

Tissue Healing Concept Every organism subject to trauma is repaired according to different physiological modalities. If we examine the bone, three healing modes are recognized: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Each of the above is activated under different conditions. The most immediate is to be considered as primary, i.e., any composite fracture or bone injury. This healing takes place in 6 to 8 weeks under normal conditions. In order to achieve swift implant integration, it is necessary to aim for primary healing after positioning. To obtain this type of healing, a swift and minimally...

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 9

The Tissue Healing Concept is a term that we use to group, in implant prosthesis, the concept of bone and soft tissue healing, already known in bone and tissue biology in medicine and orthopedics. Marginal Soft Tissue Over the years, Marginal Bone Loss has been used as a criterion for the assessment of perimplantary tissues, intended as the bone resorption around the implant. In recent years, attention has no longer been focused solely on this element as a reference benchmark, and increasing attention has been given to soft tissues, seen as a protective barrier for the bone. It is now...

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 10

Conometric Connection. Pure Morse Cone connection. More than 20 mm2 coupling. Hexagonal positioning. AoN Implants seeks to rewrite the concept of conometry in dentistry by bringing innovation, simplification, and versatility to a prosthetic system that in history has proved to be among the most reliable and long-lasting over time. The REVCON prosthetic system has been designed to meet all the needs of the dental professional in terms of implant-prosthetic rehabilitation. REVCON supports all prosthetic techniques: screwed, cemented, combined, telescopic, following any clinical approach...

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 11

REVCON uses a Morse Cone connection with a terminal hexagon for positioning, which translates into absolute stability and absence of micro-movements. To simplify prosthetic management and allow intervention in the event of tissue conditioning avoiding peri-implantitis problems, we have designed a simple and safe system for removing the abutment. Platform Switching on all implant diameters, guaranteeing adequate maintenance of the soft tissue. Unique Platform for all implant diameters to simplify and minimize warehouse management. ”One implant one abutment” technique. The use of this...

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 12

More surface. More performance. For REVCON prosthetic roots, which also include subcrestal positioning, minor changes were made to the spire in the cervical area of the implant and the surface treatment that covers the Platform Switching area comes close to the connection. OsTiOx® Surface. Concrete results. Total rehabilitation of the lower arch using REVCON Cyroth® and Is-Four® implants. Dr. Luca Comuzzi 10 Check-up at 6 months. REVCON Cyroth® Implant on the right. Dr. Michele Boglioni

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 13

Unique. REVCON is an exclusive connection of AoN Implants, born from the idea of creating a system that takes its cue from the history of implantology and re-elaborates its fundamental concepts, making them current and usable for implantologists and prosthetists of the new millennium. The result of a development that lasted 2 years, REVCON collects an extremely wide and exclusive range of prosthetic solutions. The implant lines adopt surgical protocols and instruments suitable for the THC (Tissue Healing Concept) technique, this means that tissue healing will always be the fastest and most...

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 14

Immediate load rehabilitation, with the aim of resuming normal life with aesthetics and comfort, is increasingly requested by patients. For this reason, professional firms are increasingly organized in order to compete in an increasingly aggressive market. AoN Implants offers different techniques where a “one implant one abutment” protocol is envisaged. One of these is the KiSS systematics. Thanks to these components, the clinician is able to offer the patient a functional rehabilitation in a short time, with excellent aesthetic results. KiSS provides the dentist with a series of prosthetic...

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 15

ALL in ONE Organizer. Everything you need, in one kit.

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AoN Implants Dental Catalog 2021 - 16

1to1 Transepithelial connector. Bi-Directional Platform Switching The 1to1 connector has been designed to simplify prosthetic management for the clinician, by converting the REVCON connection into an external hexagon connection near the gingival margin. 1to1 combines key features & benefits generated by Morse Cone connection at the bone level with the simplicity of managing an external hexagon connection at the prosthetic level. The stabilization of the soft tissues therefore takes place at the connector, which is always positioned using a “one implant one abutment” protocol. This...

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