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AUTOCLAVES 4    I    VERTICAL AUTOCLAVES 4    I    Drying and cooling Autoclaves with different sterilization modes 5 I Autoclaves with automatic drying function 6    I    ACCESSORIES 7    I    Vertical loading autoclave for routine applications

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VERTICAL AUTOCLAVES Drying and cooling Autoclaves with different sterilization modes Capacity 60L/85L/110L DIAMETER OF THE STERILIZATION CHAMBER The thickness of the sterilization chamber with a diameter of 40 cm offers enough space to meet several sterilization requirements. MICROCOMPUTER CONTROL SYSTEM The high-speed intelligent control system monitors the entire sterilization process, maintenance, calibration, traceability and recording. AUTOMATIC WATER SUPPLY The water level sensors are installed to automatically block the autoclave and alert the operator by triggering of alarms when...

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VERTICAL AUTOCLAVES Autoclaves with automatic drying function Lock lever Vent Anti-scald chamber cover Pressure gauge Water level tube exhaust Steam tube Drain valve: • sterilization chamber • water tank Safety valve Caster with brake Drainage filter Capacity Dimensions LxWxH Chamber dimensions (Dia*H) Chamber material Rated power Sterilization temperature Sterilization time range Melting temperature Melting time range Heat storage temperature Melting time range Preset range of drying times Preset temperature range for lid lock Preset steam exhaust temperature range Drain mode Lid opening...

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Stainless steel basket $ 370mm (Dia) Code    H mm Model Quantity The diameter and the height of the baskets can be customized Stainless steel pail Size 1: $ 315mm (Dia)x200mm (H) Code 608.1002.58 Printer paper (2 rolls) Code 608.1000.84 5 printing sets (pressure sensor + printer) Code 608.1002.65

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Inner chamber and basket to put tools in AISI 304 stainless steel Pressure safety valve preset to 3 bar. Safety device with electronic and mechanical lid closing lock 4 set sterilization cycles and 1 free sterilization cycle • 1st cycle = 121°C- precision of 1.2 bar with quick discharge, sterilization time 15 minutes • 2nd cycle = 121°C- precision of 1.2 bar with regular drain discharge, sterilization time 15 minutes • 3rd cycle = 121°C- precision of 1.2 bar with quick discharge, sterilization time 20 minutes • 4th cycle = 121°C- precision of 1.2 bar with regular discharge, sterilization...

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FALC INSTRUMENTS s.r.l. Via G. M. Compagnoni, 2 I 24047 Treviglio (BG) - Italy +39 0363 304660 I I

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