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LEDILUX operating lights - 4 Pages

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LEDILUX operating lights

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Operating lights LEDILUX are designed to provide the surgeon with cool, shadowless and colour correct lighting of the highest quality. The lights meet the requirements qualified in IEC 60601-2-41 (International Standard - particular requirements for the safety of surgical luminaries and luminaries for diagnosis). LEDILUX consists of 6 segments, all including 120 LED diodes, which provide high light intensity. Easy and intuitive regulation of light's functions is possible owing to the control Owing to the use of LED diodes, the LEDILUX lights have numerous advantages over the lights LEDILUX...

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FABRYKA APARATURY ELEKTROMEDYCZNEJ FAMED LÓDZ SPÓLKA AKCYJN, Surgical light LEDILUX is equipped with a power pack ZL - 600, automatically switching over to emergency supply system at the mains voltage failure (24 V). Surgical lights LEDILUX are available in configurations: The minimal height of an operating room for surgical lights LEDILUX is 3 m. If an operating room is higher than 3,20 m, additional extension tube should be used. The extension tube is mounted between the ceiling and the light suspension system. For ceiling - mounted lights, the manufacturer supplies a mounting plate and...

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