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The Famed MEDHJJX seríes operating lights are designed for the use as a main or auxiliary source of light in hospitals, examination rooms and other medical centers. The operating lights MEDILUX meet the requirements qualified in IEC 60601-2-41 (International Standard - particular requirements tor the safety of surgical luminaries and luminaries for diagnosis). In accordance with the requirements of this International Standard] surgical luminaries provide: The high colour temperature ensuring perfect colour rendering. The high colour rendering Index R, > 85 for better récognition of tissues....

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Operating lights MEDILUX stand - mounted Stand mounted lights have all characteristics of the ceiling or wal mounted models but have the versatility of being mobile. MEDILUX stand mounted lights are offered In either double or triple light A battery back up power supply, with automatic switch over, is optional and has a hour operational capacity.

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Hinted operating lights MEDILUX

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Operating lights MEDILUX ceiling - and wall - mounted Several Medilux lights are available offering a range of intensities The Medilux series lights features are designed around the requirements of modem surgical techniques. The lights are easily positioned and focused by sterilizable handle.

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the MEDI LUX series light heads

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