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The Famed SURGHUX series operating lights are designed to provide the surgeon with cool, shadowless, colour correct lighting of the highest quality at low cost. The operating lights SURGH-UX meet die requirements qualified in IEC 60601-2-41 (International Standard - - particular requirements for the safety of surgical luminaries and luminaries for diagnosis). URGILUX PLUS VIDEO SYSTEM Operating light SURGILUX PLUS keeps (tie features of so far manufactured lights plus a high-tech option of video system. MP*ij^ possibility of recording image on the hard disc in the real time from four...

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Opertaing lights SURGILUX ceiling - and wall - mounted

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unted operating lights SURGILUX

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Opertaing lights SURGILUX stand • mounted

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SURGILUX series light heads The equipment shown Is subject, however, to continuous development and Famed tód¿ S.A. reserves the right to make changes from Urne to Urne.

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In accordance with the requirements of this International Standard surgical luminaries provide: high colour temperature ensuring perfect colour rendering, high colour rendering index R„ > 85 r better recognition of tissues. CcJcur rmdcring index SURGLUX series lights all offer: Ught from multiple halogen bulbs produce a uniform light beam gMng shadowless Illumination with uniform distribution of the light Intensity. Excellent filtration of thermal radiation preventing excessive heating of the surgical site and provides comfortable working conditions „Open center" design allowing air to now...

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