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Low cost, effective environment friendly method o fair VS-301IL VS-312I VW-301I The germicidal lamps are designed for periodical or continuous disinfection of rooms such operating rooms, examination and treatment rooms, reception rooms, wards, laboratories etc. They can also be used in food industry for food processing and storage, in breeding and wherever high degree of disinfection is required.

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Irradiation with ultraviolet radiation UV-C is one of the most effective methods for disinfection of air, liquids and surfaces. Advantages of this method are low operation costs and the fact that bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi do not become immunized against the ultraviolet radiation. The UV-irradiation allows large surfaces to be disinfected, does not contaminate environment and is simple for use. The following versions of germicidal lamps are available from Famed Łódź: lamps provided with one, 30-W UV bulb: ⇒ ceiling-mounted type VC-301I ⇒ wall-mounted type VW-301I ⇒ stand-type type...

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