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Famed FLARE Safe imaging table High image quality Safe minimally invasive surgery

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Famed FLARE SAFE IMAGING TABLE The Famed FLARE table has an ultra-thin, fully transparent, floating tabletop made of carbon fiber. Choosing the right table position is easy thanks to a joystick. Parameters of shift travel, tilts, height adjustment range and maximum load ensure its usefulness during cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, urological surgery, orthopedic surgery and spine pain therapy. rCoverTM Work safety The robust design allows to perform a surgery with a load of up to 230 kilograms. The high translucency parameter allows to reduce the radiation dose that affects the patient...

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Features of the Famed FLARE table Straps that protect the mattress from sliding off Contoured table top stabilizing the patient on the table Joystick for tabletop movement Wired remote control bbSafe™ The table is dedicated to work with the C-arm Polyurethane mattress with memory effect resistant to disinfectants Carbon fiber tabletop with a translucency of 0.36 mm Al InfiniMove™ system for mounting additional accessory rails Side rails on both sides of the table top Mobile base with a central blockade Durable fCharge™ batteries 4 The shape of the base facilitates the work of the doctor,...

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More freedom for the C-arm Carbon fiber The base of the Famed FLARE table is made of carbon fiber, which reduces the risk of damage to table components when changing the orientation of the C-arm or the position of the tabletop. The carbon fiber is less vulnerable to damage by crushing or pressure than the standard stainless steel base. Profiled base The table base has been designed to combine three features very important in the operating room: stability, ergonomics, and ease of disinfection. The shape of the letter “T” ensures patient safety despite the adoption of various positions, even...

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TotalClear™ TotalClearTM The Famed brand has existed for over 140 years and has been successful in medical equipment for over 70 years. TotalClear™ system is the result of our long-term projects, prototype works, and carbon fiber tabletops tests. These are hundreds of hours of experimentation with fiber types, their arrangement, composition, and their structure. Thanks to multiple tests in professional measuring institutes, the final structure and direction of carbon fiber placement in the TotalClear™ system have allowed us to achieve an amazing result of X-ray permeability and to reduce...

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Small things that are important Joystick Comfortable to use joystick allows to precisely move the tabletop in any direction; in addition, it offers the possibility to zero the table position. Accidental movement of the tabletop is eliminated thanks to the use of a double mechanism to activate the joystick function. By means of a quick connector, the manipulator can be mounted on both sides of the tabletop. Detachable mattress For the patient’s convenience, the table is equipped with a 40-millimeter thick, anti-static mattress with anti-bedsores properties and “memory effect”. The mattress...

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49% of surveyed Poles are concerned about the harmful effect of X-rays on their body. Imaging window with maximum left shift Imaging window with maximum right shift The tabletop currently has the best on the market parameter for X-ray radiation permeability 0.36 mm Al (aluminum equivalent); The available imaging area in the extreme longitudinal shift positions is 1600 mm and 550 mm, respectively; The tabletop length is 2200 mm, which allows easy surgery of tall patients; C-arm monitoring is possible over the entire length of the patient’s body. PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF RADIATION According to...

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Available positions of the table Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg Height adjustment Side tilts Shifts - floating tabletop

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Tabletop movements Movements performed using a joystick The table has a unique structure that allows the tabletop to be shifted while at the same time maintaining longitudinal and side tilts. Comfortable movement of the TotalClear™ tabletop is possible thanks to the intuitive joystick. The side shift allows to move the table 125 mm in each direction. The longitudinal shift allows the tabletop to be moved by a total of 530 mm. The joystick has the ability to change the orientation of the function if it is taken to the other side of the tabletop.

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Recommended accessories for the Famed FLARE table. A full list of equipment with technical description is available in the accessories catalog for surgery tables. Made of carbon fiber to support the arm of a patient in Used to support the arm in a lying position, it allows It serves to stabilize the patient’s hand above the chest rotation around the vertical axis. Dimensions 25 mm x Side shoulder support WS-59.5 Right and left shoulder support WS-06.5 It is used to support the arm in a lying position, enables The mattress in the shape of the kidneys to stabilize It is used to stabilize the...

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It is used to support the patient in the lateral position They are used to immobilize the patient on the table. It is used to support the lower limb, has the ability to from the side of the lower abdomen. The mattress is Combined with velcro fasteners, width 100 mm. rotate around the vertical axis and angular setting of equipped with a ball-joint and adjustable height and the mattress surface or height change. distance, enabling an exact fit to the patient’s body. Anesthesiological cable holder WS-14.5 It has height, width, and rotation adjustment around It is used for suspending anesthetic...

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Gel positioning pads Knee support AS-09.0 Knee support WS-05.5 Rest for arm surgery WS-87.5 Rest for hand surgery WS-48.5 Angular hand rest AS-10.0 Angular hand rest WS-07.5 Arm rest WS-22.5 Carbon fiber hand rest AS-28.0 Half-roller WS-66.0 Arthroscopy adapter WS-39.5 Adapter for meniscus surgery WS-40.5 Adapter for hand surgery WS-47.5 Anesthesiological frame WS-01.5 Armrest PR-01.5 Arm rest AS-15.0 Extra sidebar WS-53.0 Sidebar InfiniMove™ AS-27.0 Mattress positioning on the stomach WS-65.0 Side shoulder support WS-59.5 Right and left shoulder support WS-06.5 Side support...

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