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FAMED LM-01.5 - 1

The products have been manufactured of materials with anti-bacterial properties

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 2

1. MATERNITY BEDS • FAMED FREYA Innovative, fully electric combination of hospital and maternity bed. • FAMED LM-01.4 Comfortable, robust and functional maternity bed with electrical control. • FAMED LM-01.5 Economic and comfortable maternity bed without electric control. 2. BABY CRIB • FAMED OVO 2 Baby crib providing closeness and safety. 3. GYNAECOLOGY CHAIRS • FAMED FG-04 Gynaecology chair electrically controlled. • FAMED FG-07 Gynaecology chair with electrical height adjustment. 4. TREATMENT CHAIRS • FAMED FL-02 Treatment chairs with electrical height adjustment.

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 3

Katalog zbiorczy Ginekologia - edycja 50/2018/04/1.

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 4

Famed FREYA INNOVATIVE, FULLY ELECTRIC COMBINATION OF HOSPITAL AND MATERNITY BED Famed Freya is a unique product serving as a hospital bed (conformity with PN-EN 60601-2-52) and maternity bed - comfortable and economic solution. Such versatility is possible because of independent control systems (central panel, wired remote, external and internal control panels) and wide range of additional equipment. Changing the product position or configuration is possible within seconds. Freya is a bed with stable, column structure. VERSATILITY Famed Freya can be easily transformed from a hospital bed...

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 5

Katalog zbiorczy Ginekologia - edycja 50/2018/04/1. PROPERTIES Equipment: Labour positions: standard accessory kit: multi-position knees support, foldable arms holders, feet supports, standard mattress set - including a mattress for a newborn wide mattress, which enabled comfortable relaxations for mother with her child, electrical control of height, back-rest and seat, very comfortable conditions before, during and after labour. semi-sitting position (1), squatting position using a push bar (2), semi-sitting position, sitting position (3), side-lying position (4), horizontal position (5),...

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 6

Famed LM-01.4 COMFORTABLE, ROBUST AND FUNCTIONAL MATERNITY BED WITH ELECTRICAL CONTROL Maternity bed Famed LM-01.4 is designed for obstetrics and gynaecology wards patients, both within pre-labour, labour and puerperium period. Maternity bed can be easily transformed into a delivery chair ensuring comfortable position during labour for a future mother. The compact design favors the use of this bed in smaller rooms. Famed LM-01.4 offers continuous, reliable operation because of the built-in battery. CONTROL OPTIONS EXTENSIVE ACCESSORIES The bed can be controlled using panels in side...

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 7

Famed LM-01.5 ECONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE MATERNITY BED WITHOUT ELECTRIC CONTROL Maternity bed with perfect quality/price ratio. Robust, stable and easy to clean and disinfect construction as well as no need to connect electricity, guarantee full reliability. CONTROL OPTIONS EXTENSIVE ACCESSORIES Height adjustment of the rest is accomplished using a hydraulic pump and foot lever. Additionally, because of the gas springs with a lock, it is possible to adjust the Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg positions as well as back-rest inclination. Maternity bed is equipped with a set of...

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 8

Famed OVO 2 BABY CRIB PROVIDING CLOSENESS AND SAFETY Baby crib Famed OVO 2 provides an uninterrupted contact between mother and baby from the first moments of the infant’s life. The proximity is provided by a crib made of transparent plastic and a low base that allows you to park it under the hospital bed very close to the mother. Height adjustment ensures safe adjustment of the crib to the current position of the bed. You can set it in the Trendelenburg/reverse-Trendelenburg position. Famed OVO 2 is a baby crib that, thanks to its construction, allows the mother and child to be close to...

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 9

GYNAECOLOGY CHAIR ELECTRICALLY CONTROLLED, WITH MEMORY Chair on mobile base with central lock of the drive system facilitates effective movement of the chair around a treatment room and the built-in electrical actuators allow for precise changing and keeping a position, without any effort from the staff. The required functions of the chair can be achieved by means of builtin electric actuators controlled from the wired remote or foot controller (optional). Using one button on the remote control, you can set the chair to the Trendelenburg position, entry/ exit position and program a custom...

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 10

Famed FG-07 GYNAECOLOGY CHAIR WITH ELECTRICAL HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Mechanically controlled chair using actuators supported by gas spring with a lock. Moreover, it is equipped with electrical adjustment of height using a foot controller, reducing time and facilitating personnel work. POSITION CHANGE Using the hydraulic actuators, it is possible to change the chair position according to your needs. The chair height can be adjusted electronically. Because of the gas springs with a lock, you can smoothly control the back-rest inclination, inclination of the seat and Trendelenburg and...

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 11

Famed FL-02 TREATMENT CHAIR WITH ELECTRICAL HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Ophthalmology and laryngology chair with electrical adjustment of height and back-rest as well as rotation option up to 90°. ELECTRICAL CONTROL Electrical functions allow for saving time and facilitate works of the treatment room personnel. Adjustment is performed using an easy to use foot controller. OPTIONS Seat of the chair can be rotated by 90° in relation to the base, which facilitates access for diagnostic instruments. Moreover, head rest adjusted in many planes and inclination or removal of arm support positively affect...

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FAMED LM-01.5 - 12

TECHNICAL DATA pSilver™ All ABS elements were made using pSilver™ technology. The prefabricate contains silver nanoparticles, which we use in the process of plastics production, provides effective bacteriostatic protection. The use of pSilver™ technology in the places that are most often touched by patients limits the proliferation of dangerous bacteria, fungi or viruses. The pSilver™ technology also involves a process of plastic element processing providing a smooth surface, whose texture prevents the accumulation of impurities. fCharge™ All battery cells powering Famed Zywiec products are...

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