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Famed OPTIMA Universal operating table Cost-effective optimal solution for a modern OR Made of premium materials

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OPTIMAL SOLUTION FOR A MODERN OR Famed OPTIMA is a brand new table from Famed Żywiec, a company with a history and experience in manufacturing operating tables for 72 years. Control the table from the remote control with ease, lock it in place effortlessly, quickly exchange the segments to suit your current case or use a full potential of 350 kg of a maximum load. Make use of the new Famed Żywiec optimal table. Modular & versatile tabletop Quick connectors in the tabletop makes the exchange of the surgery-specific sections fast and easy. A variety of accessories dedicated to the OPTIMA...

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Features of the Famed OPTIMA table Fully waterproof, antistatic, pressure ulcer relief mattresses Tabletop motions regulated from the remote control (only headrest regulated manually) 180° leg rests abduction, full access to the pelvic area (other leg rests options are available) Extra wide tabletop to fit larger patients Unique rigid wedges segments connection with 100% accessory fail prevention - safety for orthopedics Kidney bench controlled from the remote control Modular tabletop with dedicated extenders and extra sections The bast stainless steel on the market, AISI 316L with...

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Flexibility to suit all your needs TotalClearTM TotalClearTM bbSafeTM pSilverTM rCoverTMTM fCharge For a successful neurosurgery a stable construction is a must. The OPTIMA has four large 50 mm supports that will allow you to concentrate on the patient. Easy access to the patient’s head is obtained thanks to a profiled base and an adjustable headrest and back segment. The minimal tabletop height is sufficient for a modern surgery and can be used as a solid hands support. The table is fully compatible with dedicated accessories and the use of a C-arm. InfiniMoveTM InfiniMoveTM pDetachTM TM...

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MEDICAL IMAGING WORLD-RECORD HOLDER EXPANDS THE PORTFOLIO OF PREMIUM CARBON FIBER DEVICES Fully translucent tabletop with dose management for the safety No metal reinforcements on the whole length of the tabletop means easy access for a C-arm. A support bar that is mounted under the back section is made entirely from a carbon fiber, meaning that you can take X-rays wherever you want. Modern surgery uses a lot of X-ray imaging, with a superb translucency parameter of 0,25 mm Al, you can expect nothing else than a good quality image and a low dose for the staff and for the patient....

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SAFETY for the patient, CONVENIENCE for the staff Exact readings for the staff • • • Great visibility from any direction - the IPS LCD technology guarantees very good view even from extreme angles. A number of readings on the remote’s screen will let you know about the current movement, the tabletop position, tilt or any collisions and warnings. Both bbSafe™ and rCover™ remotes will show you the current battery status (smartphone-like, in percentages) and will let you predict when to charge the device thanks to a battery drainage warning system. Safety and backups - dual override system • •...

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OPTIMAL TABLE FOR ACCESSORIES EXCHANGE A variety of different sections, adapters, attachments and extensions is available. An example of configuration is show on the page on the left. You can expand the accessories by universal mounting points. Please also look at the main accessory catalog for additional solutions. Single section carbon fiber (360° imaging) leg rests with 180° abduction [2] Single section leg rests with 180° abduction [3] Jointed leg plate [4] Carbon fiber long leg section (360° imaging) [5] Dedicated orthopedic attachment [7] Dedicated carbon-fiber orthopedic attachment...

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FAMED HISTORY MAKES OUR PRODUCTS GREAT Production history dating back to 1870 Our production started in the mountain city of Żywiec in 1870. In 1947 we introduced a first medical device to the market. From that time we remain the biggest medical devices manufacturer in Poland and one of the biggest brand names in Europe. We are also the only company that produces 95% components of the operating table in one single factory with almost no outsourcing, which allows us to constantly supervise the quality. We give you cost-balanced solution for every surgery For years our tables were one of the...

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Technical data Tabletop length x width (total - including siderails) Famed Żywiec Sp. z o.o. ul. Fabryczna 1 34-300 Żywiec Poland Height adjustment of the tabletop (without mattresses) 680 – 1080 mm Trendelenburg/reverse-Trendelenburg position Lateral tilts Longitudinal shift of the tabletop Leg rests vertical adjustment Leg rests abduction (horizontal) 180° (other options available) Back rest segment adjustment Headrest segment adjustment Kidney bench Power supply Protection grade Battery power Table weight Tabletop manual regulations Headrest, leg rests abduction Headrest, leg rests...

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