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HORIZON 400 - 2

POSSIBLE RISKS AND ISSUES Contact transmission is the most frequent mode of transmission of nosocomial infections, from beds, cots, furniture and hospital staff, many people touch the bed and furniture including family member’s, medical staff, nursing, physio, occupational therapists and many more, potentially cross infecting as they go. Products therefore, in this vulnerable area, need to be easy to clean with no areas to harbour potentially damaging infection. In critical care where children’s immune systems are more challenged and there are more invasive procedures to aid in the child’s...

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HORIZON 400 - 3

Favero proudly present the Horizon 400, intensive care cot - this cot will provide of features enable it to adapt to any critical clinical challenge, to help provide a safe and clean environment in which to nurse any sick child, its unique range the best possible outcomes for the patient. 4 section electrically operated platform Electric Trendelenburg Electric height adjustable Radiolucent sleep deck IPX6 rating: all electric actuators are washable and will not allow ingress of water. Siderail designed for easy cleaning, Removable head and footboard that give a Base Frame construction,...

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HORIZON 400 - 4

This easy to operate function is a one touch button enabling a quick and easy head up position for the child, the head up position is variable and offers a more comfortable and safe position whilst in intensive care. In patients with respiratory failure or distress, sitting up not only affects comfort but also increases residual capacity in the lungs by up to 30 %. The European ICU guidelines suggest 30 degrees of head elevation is best and is easily achieved with this product. In addition to a head up position this product will also provide a knee bend that will help to maintain the...

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HORIZON 400 - 5

A sick child’s condition can change in an instant, visual observation and assessment of the child is a key part of the clinical team’s priorities, This unique side-rail design allows complete visibility and observation of the child whilst they are nursed in the cot and whilst the side rails are in the up position. In addition Plexiglas, unlike conventional side rails are extremely easy and quick to clean. They can be wiped down quickly and any fluid spills are not hidden, but easily seen. The sturdy design of the undercarriage offers stability, whilst ensuring safe mobilisation of the cot...

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HORIZON 400 - 6

INFECTION CONTROL Children are a vulnerable group who have an increased susceptibility to infection. Infection prevention therefore has a particularly important role in paediatric hospitals and must take into account the needs and environment of the paediatric patient. Children are susceptible to infections that are prevented in older patients by vaccination or previous natural exposure. Consequently, the nosocomial pathogens and most common health-careassociated infection sites in children differ from those observed among adults. The immunological naivety of young children, especially...

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HORIZON 400 - 8

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET TECHNICAL DATA Mattress maximum dimensions Directive 93/42/EEC modified in accordance with Directive 2007/47/EC Mattress maximum height Device classification : Class I Platform dimensions PARTIALLY APPLIED STANDARDS Maximum overall dimensions Platform height adjustment (type) Platform height adjustment (range) Back Section inclination (type) Back Section inclination (range) Upper leg Section inclination (type) Upper leg Section inclination (range) Trendelenburg movement Standard Mattress for ICU paediatric bed Reverse Trendelenburg movement Viscoelastic Mattress for ICU...

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HORIZON 400 - 9

Favero Health Projects Spa Via Schiavonesca Priula, 20 31044 Montebelluna Treviso-Italy Ufficio Acquisti Fax +39 0423 612646 Azienda certificata UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Azienda certificata UNI EN ISO 13485:2003 Azienda certificata UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 Ufficio Commerciale Fax +39 0423 303433 Ufficio Amministrativo Fax +39 0423 612650 Sistema Modulare Zerofire® Zerofire® Modular System Degenza 3002 General hospital bed 3002 Letti a colonna Column-mounted beds Accessori letti Bed accessories Comodini - Tavoli...

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