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Paediatric Beds Horizon 300


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Paediatric Beds Horizon 300 - 1

Favero Health Projects Spa Via Schiavonesca Priula, 20 - 31044 Montebelluna (Treviso) Italy Tel. +39 0423 6125 Fax +39 0423.612680 MODEL: HORIZON 300 HORIZON 300 Dimensions Width: 1.885,0 Height: 1.515,0 Depth: 870,0 (Indicative image) Pediatric beds two section platform, with plexiglass siderails, monocoque molded section platform. Mattress platform electric height adjustable with possibility of Trendelenburg position and Reverse - Trendelenburg movements. The bed is completely devoid of parts made of wood or wood derivatives as required by DIN 32623:2009-11. PATENTED PRODUCT. The platform sections are moulded in recyclable plastic material and made in monocoque in order to facilitate the operations of cleaning and disinfection. The platform is fitted of two handles to lift or lower it. The backrest is fitted of stop mattress and side handles for easy adjustment. The platform, in the area under the backrest, is closed to ensure the safety of the child in any situation. The backrest can be adjusted by a gas spring that can be activated by two side controls. The inclination of the backrest is readable on two indicators corner at both sides of the backrest. The head and footboards are made of monocoque molded plastic elements in transparent plexiglass. These elements can be removed in case of emergency by acting on two simple levers. The height variable sleepdeck is electrically operated. Regulation of the height adjustment ensures the bed sleepdeck can attain the Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positions. The electric system comprises a control unit, two actuator motors, a back up battery and an operator handset. The vertical sliding siderails are composed of an outer aluminium frame and an inner transparent plexiglas panel with gas spring assisted motion lockable in two positions. Supplied with: - Plastic base cover thermoshaped in ABS - Microban Protection. ESSENTIAL CONFIGURABLE COMPONENTS ACCESSORY SUPPORTS (HEAD SIDE) RIGHT IV POLE SUPPORT Right IV pole support RIGHT AND LEFT IV POLE SUPPORT 1/2

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Paediatric Beds Horizon 300 - 2

Favero Health Projects Spa Via Schiavonesca Priula, 20 - 31044 Montebelluna (Treviso) Italy Tel. +39 0423 6125 Fax +39 0423.612680 MODEL: HORIZON 300 HORIZON 300 Right and left IV pole support. ICU KIT 1 Double IV pole holder (left and right). Vertical oxygen cylinder support with automatic size adjustment system. D. Max 110 mm. Standard aspirator / ventilator side bar support 25 x 10, at head side. LEFT IV POLE SUPPORT Left IV pole support. WHEEL SELECTION SINGLE BRAKEING SYSTEM CASTORS The paediatric bed is fitted with four swivel castor wheels diameter 125mm...

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