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Favero Health Projects Spa Via Schiavonesca Priula, 20 - 31044 Montebelluna (Treviso) Italy Tel. +39 0423 6125 Fax +39 0423.612680 SERENITY CARE CHAIR 200 Dimensions Width: 1.500,0 Height: 1.220,0 Depth: 900,0 Pesi Peso Netto: 160,000 (Indicative image) Examination table for obstetrics and gynecologist with electric movement. The chair can make the following electrical movements: - electrical tilt adjustment to reach the Trendelenburg position - electrical height adjustment - electrical tilt of the seat - electrical adjustment of back section. BASE Sturdy base ensures high stability to the chair, with adjustable feet. Fitted of IV pole clamps. On request you can ask for wheels for short handling inside the ward. ENGINE AND CONTROLS The electric motor is composed of low voltage 24V Linak engine, IPX6 protection. Dedicated electronic switch board with the following features: - Soft start and soft stop of motors for high comfort - anti-crushing safety - Memories of the positions for different Users storage (4 programs for n. 3 Users) - SLOW-MODE for very slow movements - Pedal with bright display that assists the user. UPHOLSTERY - PAPER ROLL HOLDER Moulded upholstery, fireproof and antistatic properties, made with a polyurethane rigid support on which are molded the soft part and the leatherette seamless cover easy to wash and disinfect. The padding can be removed without using tools for disinfection and cleaning. The upholstery of the backrest can be tilted and separately from the back so you can access the compartment of paper roll. SECURITY Trendelenburg position adjustable electrically. Available on request the emergency actions using CPR lever to lower the backrest. Tilting back assisted by a gas spring to make a controlled descent. STANDARD ACCESSORIES: - Foot rest for the doctor - Stainless steel liquid container basin 1/2

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Favero Health Projects Spa Via Schiavonesca Priula, 20 - 31044 Montebelluna (Treviso) Italy Tel. +39 0423 6125 Fax +39 0423.612680 SERENITY CARE CHAIR 200 - Sidebars instruments holder - Side handles for the patient - head support cushion - paper holder fixed at back TECHNICAL FEATURES: Min. seat height: 550 mm; Max. seat height: 950 mm: Seat tilting: 15°; Backrest tilting: -15° ; +72° Trendelenburg: -15°; Seat dimensions:610x365 mm; Backrest dimensions: 610x900 mm; Headrest dimensions: 160x275 mm Bed length (without legrest): 1265 mm; Bed length (with legrest):...

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