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Felcon has been designing and manufacturing specialist equipment for cleanrooms, laboratories, universities, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, since 1971. By evolving with an ever-changing world and working to the highest possible standards, Felcon have created their own individuality and strength to provide not only professional worldwide equipment, but also an edge over our competitors. All Felcon equipment, stainless steel or thermoplastic, is built within our own manufacturing plant in Newhaven, on the south coast of the UK. We are a team of highly experienced in-house design,...

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CONTENTS Re-circulating fume hoods Powder weighing stations_ PCR workstations Robotics enclosures Educational cabinets_ Ducted fume hoods Endoscopy storage cabinets_ Service and maintenance/HEPA filtration Carbon filtration Chemical listings DESIGN & INNOVATION FOR SCIENCE

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Bringing colour into your laboratories Using proven carbon filter technology, Felcon introduces you to their new range of ‘Sirocco’ re-circulating fume hoods, offered in three standard sizes; 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm wide. These are all polypropylene and acrylic construction, so easy to clean with no corrosion. Of course, if you don’t want the colour, these can be manufactured in all clear acrylic, and offer a whole host of features as standard. ♦ Operator protection, both carbon and HEPA filtration ♦ Ergonomic design, robust construction ♦ Trolley mounted, with under bench storage and...

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FELLAB RE-CIRCULATING FUME HOODS Dimensions (W x L x H): Sirocco 900 External dimensions: 900mm x 610mm x 1660mm Internal dimensions: 830mm x 535mm x 745mm External dimensions: 1200mm x 610mm x 1660mm Internal dimensions: 1130mm x 535mm x 745mm External dimensions: 1500mm x 610mm x 1660mm Internal dimensions: 1430mm x 535mm x 745mm

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The Felcon Powder Weighing Stations come in two sizes; 900mm wide and 1200mm wide, designed with dynamic airflow patterns, providing the best operator protection whilst also maintaining balance accuracy. Features: ♦ Designed with operator protection in mind ♦ Robust construction, floor mounted, ergonomic design ♦ Dynamic aerofoils (stainless steel) ♦ Solid black base and rear baffle design ♦ Easy to operate ♦ LED lighting ♦ Quiet fan less than 55db ♦ Easy to maintain and easy to clean ♦ Face velocity 0.3m/s - 0.5m/s ♦ Pre-filter to 5 microns in size ♦ HEPA filter to 0.5 microns in size...

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PCR WORKSTATIONS mum J&Z The Astrea PCR Workstation from Felcon provides HEPA filtered clean air across the entire worksurface, UV lighting with 30 minute timer for effective decontamination of the working environment, and easy to clean surfaces. Features: ♦ UV lighting with 30 minute timer and micro switch, with protective front screen and reflectors from UV rays ♦ HEPA Filtration, H14, ISO 5 Clean Laminar Air, 99.995 % efficient ♦ LED white lighting when UV turned off ♦ 10mm thick acrylic for protection against UV with chamfered edging on front screen ♦ All clear acrylic design providing...

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Felcon have been enclosing automated processes within the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry since the 1970's, so it should come as no surprise that we are experts in this field and now make enclosures for laboratory robotics, with successful installations throughout Europe and the USA. Knowing that each installation is unique, we will listen to your requirements, and carefully project manage every stage of your needs with close attention to detail. Robotics Enclosures designed to enclose your automation, providing: ♦ Product protection ♦ Operator protection ♦ Clean air environment ♦...

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ROBOTICS ENCLOSURES Accessories Electrical Lift Trolley (docking station) ♦ Battery operated variable height trolley ♦ Maximum 50-300 Kgs lift ♦ 50 lifts per charge ♦ Silent operation ♦ Small footprint for ease of manoeuvrability ♦ Digital display with 3 memory settings available ♦ Spare wall mountable rechargeable battery packs available enabling a fully charged battery to always be ready for use ♦ Battery condition indicator and low alarm Under bench polypropylene mobile storage cabinets A range of under bench polypropylene mobile storage cabinets, sized to suit your applications. Easy to...

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EDUCATIONAL CABINETS moia^ The Felcon Educational Cabinet ‘Schools 800' has been designed as a mobile, easy to clean cabinet, with good all-round visibility enabling the user to clearly demonstrate experiments within the classroom environment. ♦ Robust simple design for use within the classroom ♦ Mobile, fitted with foot master castors ♦ Swan neck tap/ sink/gas tap and auxillary electrical socket ♦ F/GPS carbon filtration for the removal of commonly used fumes and vapours used for general experiments in the classroom environment ♦ All clear acrylic panels for good all round visibility ♦...

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Felcon have a wealth of experience in the manufacture and design of ducted fume cupboards, providing optimum operator protection with by-pass airflow characteristics.These are supplied in a variety of configurations, complete with sliding front visor and intelligent airflow indicator. Options: ♦ All polypropylene construction ♦ All stainless steel construction ♦ Walk-in type ♦ Laminar airflow ♦ Acid rich earth science versions ♦ Cast epoxy work tops ♦ Gas taps and vacuum taps ♦ Auxillary electrical sockets ♦ In-built scrubbing ♦ 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft as standard sizes ♦ Optional...

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ENDOSCOPY STORAGE CABINETS Felmed ENT Scope Storage Cabinets offer effective drying and safe storage of flexible endoscopes. They are certified to the latest EN Standards, using the latest technologies for tracking and traceability, and offer 99.995% efficient HEPA Filtration u Certified to BS EN/16442 2015 u Meets latest specifications u Ultra quiet fan with rapid air purge when doors u u u u u u u u u u are opened Easy to clean, all stainless steel construction User-friendly touch-sensitive control panel Clear interlocked doors Bar code reader and printer for recordable tracking and...

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