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F1 ENT - 1

FIMET F1 ENT Examination Chair This chair is designed specially for ear, nose and throat examinations. It has up to 8 positions that can be programmed into the chair’s memory with only a couple of moves. Chair with Soft-ENT backrest and ENT headrest. Chair with high backrest and adjustable head cushion. Horizontal position for microscope examinations • Extendable backrest The armrests can be turned aside and removed. An easy entry and exit is possible even for patients with limited mobility.

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F1 ENT - 2

FIMET F1 ENT • The chair is controlled by a cordless remote foot control or by double joystick control or by remote hand control. • A tray table that can be turned to both sides of the chair can be easily installed. Multi-adjustable headrests • A 24 V safety power lift brings the chair from 46 cm up to 97 cm height, as well as to horizontal position for microscope examinations. • The chair can be brought to Trendelenburg position with an easy mechanical handgrip. • The chair is available in rotations of 320 and 360 degrees. There is a fixing mechanism for rotation on both sides under the...

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