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F1 Prime

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FIMET F1 PRIME Ingenious Elegance F1 PRIME has a unique side lift mechanism. The compact equipment gives any dental clinic a smart, modern and individual look. The space under the chair maximises ergonomy and facilitates hygiene. UNPARALLEL ERGONOMICS • Perfectly shaped and fully adjustable - F1 PRIME promotes a relaxing atmosphere for both patient and dentist • F1 PRIME occupies a minimal amount of floor space. Together with the side-lift mechanism and the extremely thin backrest of the chair, this creates excellent freedom of movement and legroom for dentist and assistant. • The unique...

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CHAIR • movement range of the chair is the widest on the market – from flatbed to 90°/90° sitting up position • extendable backrest accommodates comfortably any size of patients • the headrest is double articulated with length adjustment. It can be easily adapted for all patients including children. • quick and easy Trendelenbourg position for emergency situations • 30° rotation of the chair maximizes the usage of cabinetry installed devices The movement range of the chair is 43 cm - 89 cm. It facilitates entry and exit for patients, especially children and elderly or disabled persons. The...

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i FI PRIME can be equipped with a whip hose, hanging hose or separate cart instrument delivery system. There is an impressive selection of different instrument trays or I combinations of several trays to choose from. I Fl PRIME has a wide selection of colours available both for the chair I upholstery and the unit body. Fl PRIME is built to last. It has a tough and simple steel construction with a non-rusting composite outer body. All components are extensively tested for the highest quality. Safety for both dentist and 24 V electric system, as well as a number of safety switches to stop all...

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