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Fimet F1 Dental Units catalog

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2 FIMET THE ART DF MEDICAL DESIGN instrument head everything needed is easy to reach. This minimises eye fatigue as you can focus on work in the mouth without the need to look away from what you are doing. The instrument arm has precise and well- balanced movements. The whip hose instrument delivery system of Fl CONTINENTAL features the longest tubings on the market with absolutely no pull back effect. All Fimet units can be delivered in pneumatic or electric version. The Fimet chair is always electric driven. ■ Zero pullback whip arms.

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CUSTOMISATION in all Fl UNITS • Instrumentation: KaVo®, Bien Air®, NSK®... Operation light: bulb/LED Suction system: wet line/dry line/Metasys®/Durr®/Cattani®... Fimet's characteristic great ergonomics on the dentist's module, where instrument pick-up and repositioning are made easy all the times. The instrument head can be guided ■ A large selection of control systems - available 3 FIMET | THE ART DF MEDICAL DESIGN

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Fl SIDE can be used equally well by both right- and left-handed dentists. It is a compact dental unit providing better positioning capabilities to a wider range of dental practitioners. The heavy-duty instrument and suction arms of Fl SIDE have light and smooth ■ An easy left-handed operation possible.

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Fl CITY is an equipment with a suction module placed in the cabinetry and the unit without a cuspidor and suction for improved hygiene. The 224° rotation of Fl patient chairs is an excellent feature to take advantage of the cabinetry installed small devices, Fl patient chairs rotate 224°. 5 FIMET THE ART □ F MEDICAL DESIGN

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Fl CEILING creates an airy and fresh look to the clinic. The instrument bridge can be easily moved either to the left or right side of the patient chair allowing both right- and left-handed dentists to use the same chair. Fl CEILING saves valuable floor space being ideal for small clinics. It even improves hygienics by making cleaning 6 FIMET THE ART DF MEDICAL DESIGN

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The stable and mobile Fl CART rolls smoothly on different surfaces. best possible set-up for specialised treatments such as implantology and surgical dentistry. Fl WALL MOUNT allows flexible positioning and easy patient access. The instrument bridge folds out of the way neatly when not in use being less

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Unparallel Ergonomics Fl DENTAL CHAIR is compact giving any dental clinic a smart, modern and individual look. The patient sits comfortably during Movement range from flatbed to 90°/90° sitting up position offers easy access to patients and ensures optimal posture for all members of the dental team. Quick and easy Trendelenbourg position for emergency situations. B FIMET I THE ART DF MEDICAL DESIGN Comfort positioning for the patient - anatomic backrest for children and adults alike.

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The movement range of the chair is 51 cm. It facilitates entry and exit for patients, especially children and elderly or disabled persons. The highest position of the chair even enables working standing up. The compact footprint (50 x 60 cm) of the chair and its knee break leg rest are ideal for small-area clinics with limited floor space. Fl DENTAL CHAIR also avoids an overcrowded look to the room. A soft polyurethane base - no rust, no cracks or chips. Multiarticulating headrest. You can quickly and easy make adjustments. The chair's multi-position armrests easily rotate out 9 FIMET | THE...

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The outer surfaces of both the chair and the unit are smooth and made of antibacterial materials. This facilitates daily cleaning routines and maximises general hygiene. Rounded, easy to clean cuspidor has enamel bowl and a timed flush and cup filler. An easily removable and washable porcelain bowl is available for the ■ Several disinfecting and clear water systems are instrument lines (both Fl CONTINENTAL and Fl TRADITIONAL models) and clean water bottle for syringes, instruments and cup filling. ■ Fl DENTAL UNIT is delivered with autoclavable silicon covers, both for the instrument and...

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As the instrument arm has 300° movement, the instrument bridge can be folded over the cuspidor for cleaning. This allows unhampered chair entry and exit while the assistant can immediately start with instrument changeover and cleaning. The assistants also have their own controls for the water and chair adjustments. ■ The instrument configuration can always be freely chosen from a wide range of alternatives. ■ Fl DENTAL UNIT has an impressive selection of different instrument trays or combinations of several trays to choose from. 1 1 FIMET THE ART DF MEDICAL DESIGN

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Teollisuustie 6, FI-07230 Monninkyla, Finland

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