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Fimet NEO brochure

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The ergonomie and elegant design of the Fimet Neo dental treatment unit makes your practise more functional and convenient than ever before. The Neo's compact and small base pro- vides more working space for both the

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HYGIENIC, EASY-TO-CLEAN Smooth surfaces and seamless uphol- steries make cleaning and disinfection easier and ensure good hygiene. The instrument bridge and suction head can be equipped with removable hy- giene covers that are easy to disinfect.

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EXTENSIVE MOVEMENT RANGE The extensive movement range of the Neo’s arms ensures easy, comfortable operation and good work ergonomics. There are plenty of adjustment options to further ensure comfort. The large height adjustment range (45 to 95 cm) is designed to ensure a comfortable working position while standing or sitting. The chair can be rotated 90º, the suction head is adjustable from the 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock positions and suitable for both left- and right-handed use. Also, the cuspidor turns 90º sideways, providing more work space for the assistant.

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VERSATILE AND INDIVIDUALIZED ADJUSTMENTS Users can store individual settings for chair position and instrument speed ranges, among other parameters. All user interfaces are clear and userfriendly. The Neo dental treatment system can be controlled with a wireless foot control, joystick or using keys on the user panels.

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Instruments, trays, suction head, and cuspidor are all easy to reach and ad- justable according to the needs of quirements of the current treatment. Thanks to the unit's thin headrest and backrest, the equipment never ob- structs work and allows the dentist to access the treated area in an ergonom-

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A WIDE VARIETY OF FIRST-CLASS FEATURES Design Versatile controls • Real or synthetic leather • Several colors • Gel cushion •Chair and instruments are controlled by a multifunctional wireless foot controller • Separate, individual settings for several users • Easy-to-use interfaces • Chair can be controlled with joysticks, instrument bridge, suction head or wireless foot control Extensive movement ranges Instruments • Stylish, ergonomical and compact • Small base, fits into compact spaces • Globally respected, high-quality Finnish design and manufacturing Upholstery • Chair height...

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ERGONOMICS Compact and small base provides more working space for both the dentist and the assistant. Placing theuser´s The unit is easyworking area thanks it´s compact size. is optimized to ensure comfortable, ergonomic working positions. The large height adjustment range (45 – 95 cm) enables working in standing and sitting positions.

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MANY POSSIBILITIES The cuspidor turns 90º sideways, providing more work space for the assistant. The dental unit can be equipped also with hanging hoses. Support for a intraoral camera and a display integration The 90o/ 90o sitting up position

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Our mission is to design and produce affordable, high-quality dental treatment systems to meet the needs of our customers. We are a completely Finnish-­ wned como pany that was founded in 1981. Our product development, manufacturing and after-sales operations are located in our factory in Finland. We provide dental products for international markets and have dealers in more than 50 countries. Our wide distribution network handles sales, installation and service. Our goal is not to be the biggest provider in the industry, but rather to serve as a close and reliable partner. We react quickly...

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