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Bubble CPAP System F&P Bubble CPAP SYSTEM With the goal of improving patient care in over 120 countries, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare designed the F&P Bubble CPAP System for use with spontaneously breathing infants requiring respiratory support. Incorporating unique features and world-leading humidification technology, the F&P Bubble CPAP System has been developed to provide a respiratory support system that is safe, effective and easy to use. Adaptability to current practices has been taken into consideration with the choice of various system models. The F&P Infant Interface complements the system, providing comfort and optimum CPAP support to the infant at risk.

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F&P Bubble CPAP System | FEATURES The F&P Bubble CPAP System is the first complete system available in an “All-in-One Pack”. It includes the Bubble CPAP generator, heated breathing circuits, humidification chamber and pressure manifold. F&P FlexiTrunk™ is a lightweight nasal tubing with a unique, flexible extension for a stable prong and mask fixation while allowing for normal infant movement. F&P Bubble CPAP System models include: • BC151 – connects to other infant CPAP interfaces (e.g. Hudson and Inca prongs) • BC161 – connects to the F&P Infant Interface • BC171 – connects to the M672P...

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Bubble CPAP Circuit • Spiral heater-wire provides even heat distribution, reducing heat loss and condensate build-up • Aims to deliver optimal humidity Bubble CPAP Pressure Manifold • Limits the pressure delivered in the event of an occlusion • Allows connection to a pressuremonitoring device and/or an air/oxygen analyzer MR290 Humidification Chamber • Auto-fill, easy to use • Maintains constant CPAP • Closed system minimizes the risk of infection Bubble CPAP Generator • Adjustable CPAP from 3 to 10 cmH2O • Detachable overflow container allows uninterrupted CPAP when overflow container is...

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F&P Bubble CPAP System | SPECIFICATIONS F&P Bubble CPAP System Input Flow Range Recommended Input Flow Set CPAP Pressure Range Intended Patient Population Premature neonates and infants up to 10 kg Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Usage Period Single patient use, for a maximum of 7 days Maximum Pressure Limit Oxygen Analyzer Port Pressure Monitoring Port Female luer Respiratory Humidifier F&P MR850 or MR730 only (Invasive Mode) Circuit Length Inspiratory Tube Expiratory Tube includes 300 mm (11.8 in) extension to connect to Hudson Prongs F&P Bubble cpap system models...

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