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The F&P ICON™ is a comfortable, visually appealing system designed to help you feel better about CPAP therapy. The F&P ICON™ family is made up of 3 models. The Auto provides flexibility in pressure modes, while the Premo meets demand for fixed pressure with full efficacy reporting and the Novo is a standard CPAP with basic compliance reporting. All 3 models in the F&P ICON™ family include clinically proven ThermoSmart™ Technology1 as well as a clock, alarm and music-playing ability. Clinical Technologies Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s innovative technologies ensure a clinically effective...

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Choosing the right Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Mask There are four different delivery categories which should be considered when choosing the right mask. The first thing to establish is the way you naturally breathe while sleeping. Choosing a mask by delivery category is likely to provide for a more natural transition to therapy and therefore lead to greater acceptance and compliance. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s range of masks and their inherent technologies give you greater flexibility. They have been designed that way to meet your needs. ZestTM Nasal FormaTM Full Face OracleTM Oral The...

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Join Vigor8™ now and you will have access to free information and videos on OSA and CPAP therapy. Your membership could be rewarded with a Sleep-pack valued at US$350. For more information please contact your local Fisher & Paykel Healthcare representative Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd 15 Maurice Paykel Place East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 PO Box 14 348 Panmure Auckland 1741 New Zealand Tel: +64 9 574 0100 Fax: +64 9 574 0158 Email: Web: 185046556 REVB EN © 2011 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

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