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Evaqua™ Breathing Circuits Your solution to expiratory condensate EVAQUA is the world’s first breathing circuit developed to eliminate expiratory limb condensate through the use of permeable membrane technology. EVAQUA technology allows water vapor to diffuse out through the expiratory limb wall before it has an opportunity to condense into liquid water within the circuit limb or the ventilator. The result is an easy-to-use system which is designed so that the breathing circuit can remain closed and free of clinician intervention. This, in turn, benefits both the patient and the clinician.

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evaqua technology | features What will EVAQUA technology mean for you and your patients? • Eliminates expiratory limb mobile condensate Adult & Infant evaqua Breathing Circuits available • Reduces the need for clinician intervention to break open the expiratory limb • Reduces ventilation issues (autopeep, ventilator dysynchrony) caused by mobile expiratory circuit condensate • No water traps to empty • Reduces condensate buildup in expiratory filters Promotes a maintenance free, closed system. • Alleviates ventilator alarm issues related to expiratory block condensate • Saves clinician time...

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how does EVAQUA work? With conventional circuits, condensate can form inside the expiratory limb or ventilator when humidity in the expiratory gas flow touches cooler surfaces along the gas path. conventional breathing circuits Water Vapor (Humidity) EVAQUA allows the humidity in the expiratory limb to freely diffuse through the wall of the breathing circuit before it has an opportunity to condense and form into liquid water. Humidity passes through the wall of the expiratory limb via a membrane material that is permeable to water vapor. Due to the special nature of this material, the...

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