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Simple, Secure Temperature Stabilization F&P NeoWrap™ promotes simple, secure temperature stabilization This medical-grade polyethylene occlusive wrap is clinically proven for effectively reducing postnatal temperature decline and evaporative heat loss in very low birth weight and premature infants (<28 weeks).1-3 Wrap baby at birth and keep it secure for procedures and transport.

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Used from the first critical moments of life, the occlusive wrap stabilizes temperature effectively until the infant can transfer to dedicated care. Clean, biomedical material Clinically Proven The F&P NeoWrap™ is manufactured from transparent biomedical-grade plastic conforming to ISO 10993-1 (Biological evaluation of medical devices). “ he physical characteristics of preterm T infants and their large skin-air temperature gradient make them at risk for a high evaporative heat loss after delivery, and hypothermia has been associated with increased mortality and morbidity rates.” 1...

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