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The next generation in CPAP Humidification • Ambient Tracking • DC/AC inverter • Improved Design 900HC105 Starter Kit (recommended) includes mounting tray, inlet tube and 2 x HC325 water chamber. 900HC008 Single Patient Reusable Tube (61 cm/24") 900HC221 Single Patient Reusable Tube (183cm/72") HC300 Dishwashable chamber kit - Includes HC300 chamber with 900HC009 Autoclavable Tube (61 cm/24") Heater plate range For more information, please contact your local Fisher & Paykel Healthcare representative Fisher & Paykel have a policy of continuous product Improvement and reserve the right to alter specifications without notice. Patented in principal countries of the world. INTERNATIONAL P.O.Box 14-348, Panmure, Auckland 6, New Zealand Tel:+64-(0)9-574 0100 Fax:+64-(0)9-574 0158 Email: info@fphcare.com Web Site: www.fphcare.com GERMANY/AUSTRIA Tel: +49-(0)7182-93777-0 Fax: +49-(0)7182-93777-99 UK/IRELAND (EU Authorised Representative) Tel: +44-(0)1628-626 136 Fax: +44-(0)1628-626 146 The next generation, in CPAP Humidification Fisher & Paykel

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The next generation in CPAP Humidification Heated humidification improves user comfort and compliance Up to 80% of CPAP users complain of upper airway or nasal symptoms. Unfortunately these symptoms may Pe so severe, users are unaPle to continue The nasal mucosa is responsiPle for heating and humidifying the air we Preathe. Research has shown the increased airflow of CPAP can overwhelm our natural aPility to humidify inspired air. As a result, the nasal mucosa may Pecóme dry The HC150 adds heated humidification to standard CPAP therapy, maintaining mucosal hydration and preventing...

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