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Mask Solutions Stylish on the Outside. Smart on the Inside. Our high-performance family of masks simplifies the daily challenges of therapy. Designed and renowned for: comfort, seal, and easy use. Promptly relieves pressure Eases the return to sleep Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s unique pressure relief technology is designed to promote better overall sleep. We all wake many times through the night, often without realising, at which time CPAP discomfort is most likely to occur. As you start to wake, SensAwake will promptly but gently reduce your CPAP pressure to a comfortable level. This will ease your return to sleep and allow treatment to resume. ThermoSmart Take your comfort to the next level with the sophisticated ThermoSmart humidification system. ThermoSmart can deliver humidity close to the level occurring naturally in your nose and upper airway. By maintaining this natural balance we can make CPAP a more natural and comfortable1 experience as well as improve your quality of sleep.2 You select the level of humidity you want and ThermoSmart does the rest. 1. Almasri E and Kline LR. Sleep 2007; 30(suppl): A190. 2. Nilius G et al. Eur Respir J 2008; 31(4): 830-6. 185045373 REV D © 2012 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited Detects wakefulness

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Great design enriches your life Introduce an F&P ICON™ to your family Your quality of life shouldn’t be compromised by CPAP therapy. Your sleep surroundings needn’t be either. The F&P ICON has been designed from the outside-in to answer the CPAP user’s strong call for a compact, stylish CPAP that blends seamlessly into any bedroom environment. Strong on looks and even stronger on intelligence, you can feel at ease knowing you are being taken care of by a full range of the world’s leading clinical technologies for treating Sleep Apnea. The F&P ICON has a range of useful features that...

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