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THERAPY SOLUTION Noninvasive Ventilation Essential Humidity for a successful noninvasive ventilation strategy AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR RESPIRATORY CARE RECOMMENDATIONS1 • Humidification is recommended on every patient receiving invasive mechanical ventilation • Active humidification is suggested for noninvasive ventilation as it may improve adherence and comfort • Passive humidification (HME) is not recommended for noninvasive ventilat

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HUMIDITY TO OPTIMIZE PATIENT TOLERANCE The use of humidification with noninvasive ventilation (NIV) is vital for maintaining the natural balance of heat and moisture in the airways.2 This is important as the high pressure and flow rates of gas used with NIV can cause the patient’s already compromised respiratory system to deteriorate further.3 By heating and humidifying the gas flow, airway drying is minimized and secretion clearance is improved. This reduces airway resistance and leads to improved comfort and increased tolerance to NIV, making NIV more effective.3,4 WHY IS HUMIDIFICATION...

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Breathing Circuits for Noninvasive Ventilation The RT-series breathing circuits are designed specifically for use with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare humidification systems. Spiral heater wire technology helps to reduce condensate in varying environments by consistent distribution of heat throughout the circuit. RT319/RT219 (LOW RESISTANCE TO FLOW FOR USE WITH NONINVASIVE VENTILATORS) • Single-limb heated circuit • Ideal circuit pressure • Designed to work with noninvasive specific ventilators e.g. Respironics V60/Vision RT219/RT319 Circuit performance, IPAP and EPAP levels are reached...

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Masks for Noninvasive Ventilation Mask selection is critical in determining NIV success. Up to 50% of NIV failure is related to problems with the mask.10 The innovative shape of the FreeMotion™ mask can overcome some of the common complications of NIV therapy. CUSHIONED FOREHEAD REST CROWN STRAP HEADGEAR • Easy to secure headgear • Prevent mask sliding down BUILT-IN PORTS FLEXIFIT™ SEAL • Pressure monitoring • Reduces pressure at nasal bridge • Supplemental oxygen • Flexibility of therapy and flow source DUAL-SWIVEL ELBOW FREEMOTION GLIDER™ • Maintains seal integrity • Aids patient movement...

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Our family of products for Noninvasive Ventilation The F&P 850™ System has been designed to comfortably deliver Essential Humidity to patients receiving noninvasive ventilation. The system, comprising of the MR850 humidifier, MR290 auto-filled humidification chamber and RT-series breathing circuit, delivers Essential Humidity to one of four versions of the FreeMotion™ mask. NON-VENTED SYSTEM VENTED SYSTEM FLOW DRIVER CPAP Adult Breathing Circuits FreeMotion™ Mask Adult Breathing Circuits FreeMotion™ Mask Noninvasive specific ventilators * Designed for use with Respironics Vision/V60 Flow...

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F&P ADULT RESPIRATORY CARE CONTINUUM™ In 1969, in response to high incidences of respiratory infections caused by dry ventilation, one of the founding fathers of Intensive Care in New Zealand and Australia, Dr. Matt Spence, partnered with Fisher & Paykel to develop one of the first heated passover humidifiers. Today, as a pioneer in respiratory humidification with over 40 years of innovations, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a leader that you can trust. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is committed to advancing our capabilities as a world leader in humidified therapy systems with a comprehensive...

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