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Oracle™ Oral Mask - 1

Specification Sheet An Oral Delivery Mask delivers pressure through the mouth rather than the nose. Clinically proven to function as effectively as a nasal mask', solution for mouth breathers and patients with chronic nasal Fisher &Pgykel

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Oracle™ Oral Mask - 2

Oral Delivery - Oracle™452 © Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited 2004 The Oracle™ 452 Oral Mask is easy to use and easy to seal. With nothing covering the eld of vision, the Oracle™ 452 provides freedom of movement equivalent only to that of the Innity™ 481 Direct Nasal Mask. The Oracle™ 452 Oral Mask comes as an Out-of-Box Solution fully assembled and ready for use. UNIQUE MA SK FE ATURES FOR GRE ATER FREEDOM, COMFORT AND COMPLIANCE Single Strap Headgear Minimal Intrusion Rotating Adjustment Dial Easy Adjustment Efcient Bias Diffuser Quiet usage SoftSeal Mouthpiece/ SnapFlap™ Cover...

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