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Specification Sheet The CPAP range with SmartStick™ Technology The CPAP range with SmartStick™ Technology offers: • Performance monitoring through PerformanceMaximizer™ Software • Two-way communication, including data transfer and remote adjustment of settings, via the SmartStick™

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The SleepStyle™ 242 and 244, two CPAPs with SmartStick™ Technology. The SmartStick™, utilizing USB technology, provides convenient removable media for access to view and update settings. This SmartStick™ Technology, combined with PerformanceMaximizer™ Software, streamlines therapy analysis with options for compliance data with the SleepStyle™ 242 CPAP or full efficacy data with the SleepStyle™ 244 CPAP. Pe rformance MA XIMIZER ™ Performance monitoring software, PerformanceMaximizer™, offers detailed reporting on therapy effectiveness, including compliance, AHI, leak and pressure. John Smith...

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Ambi ent Tracki ng ™ Plus The SleepStyle™ 200 CPAP Series is fully integrated with Ambient Tracking™ Plus patented humidification technology. Ambient Tracking™ Plus provides effective humidification under changing conditions by: • Minimizing condensation to prevent mask pressure fluctuations and algorithm disruptions • Maximizing humidity during leaks to prevent nasal discomfort True I ntegration The SleepStyle™ 200 CPAP Series is designed for integrated simplicity and enhanced patient comfort. This simplicity ensures quick and easy set-up, use, cleaning and maintenance. Travel needs are...

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• PERFORMANCE - PerformanceMaximizer™ reports on compliance and efficacy data for efficient patient management. • AMBIENT TRACKING™ PLUS is a unique technology that promotes better humidification and clinical performance superseding conventional humidifiers. • CONVENIENCE - The SmartStick™ allows for access to patient data, utilizing USB technology. • EASE OF USE - Intuitive menu, quiet operation and fully integrated design add up to a quick and easy provider set-up. The SleepStyle™ 200 CPAP Series PRODUCT SPECIFIC ATION S will help you provide 24-hour Fully Integrated CPAP with detailed...

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