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Clinically proven for a better night’s sleep1

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Natural Humidification The nose has an amazing capacity to heat and humidify the air we breathe Under normal circumstances the air we breathe is heated to a temperature of 86 ˚F (30 ˚C) and humidified (95% saturated) to hold 29 mg/L of water by the time it reaches the nasopharynx.2 However, the ability of the nose to condition inspired air is compromised by continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy and the vicious cycle of mouth leak. Nasal Cavity Nasopharynx Uvula Soft Palate Tongue Oropharynx Trachea Mandible Hard Palate Epiglottis

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Best Results with ThermoSmart For many people, heated humidification makes CPAP a more natural experience, for others it’s about more than just added comfort HEATED HUMIDIFICATION CHECKLIST Over 60 years of age? (If ‘yes’, they are five times more likely to require heated humidification.)10 Taking two or more medications? (If ‘yes’, they are six times more likely to require heated humidification.)10 Have chronic mucosal disease; defined as subjective chronic nasal obstruction, chronic sneezing, nasal discharge and postnasal drip, abnormal appearance of the turbinate mucosa, and polyposis?...

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The Vicious Cycle of Mouth Leak • to 75% of CPAP users (without a heater humidifier) Up complain of upper airway dryness and congestion.3-4 • Nasal congestion and mouth leak with CPAP have been found to negatively correlate to CPAP compliance.5 • elatively minor dryness or discomfort can become R significant via the vicious cycle of mouth leak. • eated humidification can reduce mouth leak6 and H nasal airway resistance7-9 and may therefore help to prevent this self-perpetuating cycle. • Heated humidification has also been shown to increase compliance,10-12 even more so in non-compliers10...

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The Problem with Conventional Tubing The effectiveness of conventional humidification is limited by ambient temperature. As air travels from a conventional humidifier it cools, causing condensation to form in the tube. As a result it fails to deliver optimal humidity levels to the patient, resulting in dryness and discomfort. Standard Breathing Tube • Condensation in the tube causes disruptive gurgling and pressure fluctuations13 • Disruptive gurgling noises may adversely affect sleep quality. Tube cooling: Condensate forms Mask Pressure Fluctuations Caused by Condensation10 Pressure...

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The Solution: ThermoSmart Technology ThermoSmart Technology, with its unique heated breathing tube, delivers higher, customized humidity levels that are maintained through the night, regardless of ambient temperature changes. These higher humidity levels help maintain normal airway conditions to provide a more natural CPAP experience. All of this with virtually no condensation.* Heated Breathing Tube Humidification • ThermoSmart Heated Copper Coil Warm tube: Heat loss + heat gain from heated breathing tube = constant heat + reduced rain-out * Subject to the operating conditions specified in...

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Start with ThermoSmart Stop treating CPAP side-effects one by one, as ThermoSmart aims to proactively prevent both pressure and symptom issues. With upfront use of this technology, you may be able to prevent common barriers to CPAP adaptation by treating the overall problem before individual symptoms occur. SIDE EFFECT TRADITIONAL RESCUE THERAPY Less pressure Pressure intolerance = • Discomfort • Reduced adherence • Change of mask • Pressure relief Massengill: 10% lower titrated pressure, lowers nasal airway resistance9 More comfortable Almasri: more comfortable CPAP experience15 Better...

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Nilius: Virtually eliminates condensation and improves sleep quality Impact of a controlled heated breathing tube humidifier on sleep quality during CPAP therapy in a cool sleeping environment Key Findings: When compared with conventional humidication in this study ThermoSmart: • • • Improved patient sleep quality Reduced patient side effects Virtually eliminated condensation, even in a cool sleeping environment. CONVENTIONAL WATER IN SYSTEM: SUBJECTIVE SYMPTOM SCORE: Time (mins) Total Sleep Time

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Massengill: 10% less pressure required on CPAP titration – lower nasal airway resistance Effect of humidification on titration pressures in obstructive sleep apnea The use of ThermoSmart in this study led to a titrated pressure 10% lower than conventional humidification T he lower titration pressures seen in this study could be explained by the higher levels of absolute humidity, leading to a reduction in nasal airway resistance. CPAP Titration Pressure 12 Massengill JS and Lewis KL. Sleep 2009; 32(suppl): A217.

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Almasri: Greater comfort and better perceived sleep quality Heated wall tubing provides more humidity and comfort than standard cpap units with heated humidifiers Key Findings: Compared to conventional humidification, in this study: • • • ThermoSmart significantly decreased nasal symptoms ThermoSmart significantly decreased condensation and therefore increased humidity delivery ThermoSmart provided a more comfortable CPAP experience. Perceived Treatment Satisfaction Perceived Number of Awakenings p<0.05 Number of Awakenings Per Night Excessive Salivation Sinus Pain Almasri E and Kline LR....

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ThermoSmart: Leading the way in humidification Key Findings: ThermoSmart is able to deliver consistently high levels of humidification due to a combination of smart algorithms, the original heated breathing tube, a powerful humidifier and a large-capacity water chamber • ThermoSmart delivers consistently high levels of humidity which have been shown to prevent an increase in nasal airway resistance (NAR). • Ambient Temperature • Humidity output after stabilization period of one hour in an ambient environment of 74% relative humidity F&P ICON humidity settings: Comfort 7, Boost 3 Device was...

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Powell: Equivalent to a nasal steroid for CPAP compliance and nasal symptom reduction Key Findings: ThermoSmart is as effective as a nasal steroid in improving nasal symptoms and is at least as effective at improving quality of life and daytime functioning in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) • f the patients who requested a treatment change, 74% chose to swap to ThermoSmart. O • Nasal Steroid

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