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Nasal Mask Q is for quieter than ever. F&P ZEST Q NASAL MASK The F&P Zest Q range of nasal masks offer an over-the-nose solution that fits better, feels lighter and, as always, is easier to use. One of the unique features is how quiet it is. The F&P Zest Q Nasal Mask comes in three separate sizes, as an Out-of-Box solution fully assembled and ready for use.

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F&P Zest Q Nasal Mask | FEATURES With Zest, the Rest is Easy. F&P Zest Q minimizes partner disturbance and ensures a better SleepLife. The F&P Zest Q includes the proven Fisher & Paykel Healthcare features and benefits, and with the Advanced Air Diffuser, is quieter than ever. 1. Advanced Air Diffuser Quiet usage: The refined Air Diffuser design ensures minimal noise and efficient exhaust dispersal. Use with the cover for extra quiet or without, for a maintenance-free option. 2. asy-Clip Silicone Seal with VTS™ E Effortless performance: The Easy-Clip Silicone Seal allows one-step connection...

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