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ROOTER X3000 - 2

HIGH SPEED UP TO 3000 RPM The fastest speed on the market for a cordless endo-motor. Precision and control at your fingertips. The strong power, together with accurate and stable torque output results in efficient root canal preparation. The smooth rotation results in less noise and more comfort for your patients. FKG PRESET PROGR AMS Adaptability reflects its core, starting with the four FKG presets: XP-endo® Treatment, XP-endo® Retreatment, RACE® EVO, and R-Motion®. This saves time for endodontists, who can rely on manufacturer’s predefined recommendations for each file type. MORE THAN 60...

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ROOTER X3000 - 3

With a 10° interval and an adjustment range from 20° to 400°, the accurate rotating angle reduces the risk of instrument fracture and enables a higher preparing efficiency. SUPER MINI HEAD AND SLIM NECK 9.7 mm EXTRA SLIM CONTRA-ANGLE HEAD A super mini head with a diameter of 8mm and a height of less than 10mm brings clear vision during the operation. The contra-angle is 360° rotatable, for lots of control. B U I LT- I N A P E X L O C A T O R Integrated length determination makes endodontic treatment safer and more efficient. Thanks to the built-in apex locator, you realize real-time display...

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ROOTER X3000 - 4

BRUSHLESS ENDO MOTOR The Rooter® X3000 has one of the strongest, most precise, smoothest and smartest brushless endo motor on the market today. The strong power combined with accurate and stable torque help in the effective preparation of the root canal. The smooth rotation and lower noise make treatment more comfortable for patients. WIRELESS CHARGING With the Rooter® X3000 and it’s wireless charging capability you don’t need to take care of your wire, let your moves getting smoother. LO N G L I FE B AT T ERY The Rooter® X3000 has one of the market’s most powerful lithium battery for this...

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ROOTER X3000 - 5

APICAL FUNCTIONS To enhance safety for your patients and control, 4 Apical Actions are available : SLOW DOWN: The motor slows down to a set final speed as the file tips approaches the apical reference point. STOP: The motor stops automatically when the file reaches the reference point, and then restarts automatically when the file is pulled away from this one. REVERSE: The motor automatically reverses the rotation direction when the file reaches the reference point. It goes automatically back to initial rotation direction when the file is pulled away from the reference point. OFF: Apical...

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