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Economy and ecology in focus The signs of the times are unmistakable Investors, plant engineers, planners, and architects no longer ask “whether” but “how” they can enhance the degree of sus tainability of their plants and building management systems. Each building is unique. Its location, size, construction quality, and i ncreasingly the building management system determine its value and profit. The energy state of a building has gained appreciably in significance here: it is a fact that buildings consume around 40 percent of the world’s energy, and produce 21 percent of global...

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Technical quality The one who processes air must master it It is due to the precision work that has gone into the development of the hardware and software that our air treatment can neither be seen nor be heard, provides pleasant experience and helps in avoiding wastage of energy and money. Can a building with large glazed areas be heated during spring and autumn on its north side and cooled on its south side, with only one system and without having to switch on the central heating? Does a system used, e.  ., for heating cooling, g humidi cation and dehumidification in pharmaceutical or...

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WRAPPED UP JUST FOR YOU THE POWER PACK ATpicco ATpicco allows smallest footprint With the ATpicco, you have a central air handling unit that really performs – but with a minimum of space requirements. And it keeps its promise of delivering just as much as the big boys do. Despite the benefits of its small footprint, it offers the complete functional diversity that you expect from a much larger air handling system. You can heat, cool, and ventilate – as well as filter, humidify, and dehumidify the air. And you can recover produced heat on a cost-effective basis. ATpicco offers a complete...

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Selected Modules in Detail Fans with efficient EC drives complete the air-handling concept of ATpicco units with a flexible design. Cooler and heater with full-face heat exchanger. Thanks to full utilization of ribbed surface efficiency factor and capacity are increased as well as pressure drop reduced at the same time. The units handle air flow up to 4000 m³/h at optimum energy efficiency or air flow up to 2400 m³/h if combined units with cross-counterflow heat exchanger are used. This translates into filtering, heating, cooling. And they can also naturally be outfitted with efficient...

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Whether in the creative forge of an advertising agency, in the reception area of a brewery, at the roulette table of a casino, in the sound studio of a broadcasting station, in the special-function hall of a hotel, or in the rooms of a museum ... ... at all these sites, especially good indoor climate is an absolute must in every respect. With such applications, and for countless other situations, ATpicco has a proven record as an ideal partner. Because this compact central air handling unit is hard to beat in assuring comfortable, feel-good room climate and enhanced air quality.

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Ideal for comfort and industrial applications... ... with brilliant success throughout Europe At home in the very best homes ATpicco can present a portfolio of truly enviable reference projects. In all of Europe, ATpicco has achieved a splendid record of success in a great number and variety of application areas. Comfort control with its very own system The convenient optionally selectable ISYteq control system, which features a minimum of cabling, effectively regulates and monitors the system, while making available all the potential of the entire equipment – a universal system for the...

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Technical data and facts Summary of key benefits: • or air flows up to 4000 m³/h f • pace-saving, flat design S (355 mm or 450 mm high) • ide range of installation possibilities W (ceiling, floor, wall) • omplete spectrum of functions C ... and many more Capacity diagram with three model sizes 15.06 HR 15.06 15.05 HR 15.05 10.06 HR 10.06 0 Capacity range in m3/h ■ HR: Combined unit with heat recovery  Especially compact design ATpicco can be installed over a suspended ceiling, behind a partition wall or wall cladding, or below a raised floor. Thanks to its compact design, relatively great...

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The new air handling units of ATpicco series The units are small and flat but offer full-scale functions: ATpicco air handling units can also be used as combined units with a highly efficient heat recuperation, bypass, speed-regulated EC fans as well as full-face heat exchangers for heating or cooling. Especially flat form for with minimum space demand • High diversity to combine various components and modules • Low life cycle costs thanks to the application of efficient components • Optimum placement of units into a suspended ceiling through modular design • Heating, cooling, ventilating...

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First Service Always at your side Our services at a glance • se of certified products and components U • se of components from well-known component manufacturers U • hort delivery times for spare parts S • ommissioning of new facilities C • eriodic servicing P • Maintenance • actory trial run F • pgrading and optimisation U of old facilities • aintenance agreements M • nitial installation I • Maintenance and servicing • Assembly services • Spare parts • Customer service • Consulting

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Economical from the beginning The technical developments of FläktGroup represent state-of-the-art swimming pool climate control. Our systems support diverse applications that optimally conform to current criteria of cost effectiveness, safety and sustainability. Our products and services go far beyond pure technology. They are integrated into a comprehensive and in every r espect customised service package. This programme includes not only conventional ervices such as spare part delivery, maintenance, s and repair. It unites the consulting and engineering of a technology leader with...

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