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CC Air Handling Units For optimized air quality

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nergy efficient and lowest life cycle cost to end user is the hallmark of Fläkt Woods Air Handling Units. The Clean Concept (CC) AHUs are frameless design and ideally meet the versatile requirements of Industral & Comfort application with special emphasis on Green Building and Hygiene application. Fläkt Woods offers a range of air handling units suitable for comfort application or industral air treatment. Thanks to a wide range of components to choose from and a well known experience, Fläkt Woods has the capacity to match the standard of modern air movement as well as the specific needs of...

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Accessories / Options Clean Cloncept AHU (CC) construction Self supporting unit Smooth inside Module assembling outside the casing No dust pockets Insulation in 50 mm mineral wool, 100 kg/ Finishing in: a) GI (0,8 mm inner/outer) b) GI Pre coated- both side c) GI Pre coated outside only d) GI Outdoor / SS Indoor Base frame 120 mm height (other dimensions on request) Filtration options: a) Pre filter (G2 to G4, Flat & Pleated) Exterior b) Bag filters (F6 to F9, rigid or soft bag filter) c) Absolute filters (H10 to H13) d) Carbon filter (For Airport, Interior skin kitchen application)...

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Hygienic Applications Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Industry and Micro electronics For a hospital to operate at it’s maximum potential, it has to have all systems working at the optimum. This not only applies to staff, communications and life support systems, but also to pipework, cleaning and ventilation systems. In the pharmaceutical or micro electronics applications, the air treatment will directly influence the productivity. The air handling unit, the heart of the system, has to meet the high requirements. The material of components and the design have to be carefully worked out to...

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Food Applications Food The food industry is a complex application, because it usually combines strict hygiene levels with low temperatures. Airchal produces air handling units with high standard finishing to avoid condensation and to guarantee easy maintenance and cleaning. ENERGY EXPERTISE ENVIRONMENT Panels are painted or in stainless steel 304 or 316 L Polyurethane insulation Plastic tubes incoporated in the panels to give a thermal bridge free unit Withdrawable components For easy service, maintenance and cleanability Special coils Cu/Al – Epoxy – Cu/Cu – Heresite Fin pitch between 2,1...

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Green Building Application HVCA system typically demand high levels of energy supply. In modern buildings air treatment is often the biggest consumer of power. This fact, together with constantly increasing global energy price, call for systems optimized for best overall efficiency. To adress these requirements, Fläkt Woods has invested great effort into creating the e3 (Energy, Expertise & Environment) and i3 (Innovative, Integrated, & Industrialized) concept with advanced HVAC technologies. Our solution is a broad approach leaving no stone unturned to achieve optimum results. High...

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Integrated advantages A carefully designed system can achieve more than the sum of the integral parts. High-performing components are an obvious starting point. But it is by combining products into a system, utilizing smart controls, one can achieve the best energy solutions. Fläkt Woods develops and produces components as well as design systems. That’s why we can combine the parts into harmonic overall solutions. Smart controls systems Smart diffusers - Indoor comfort Air Handling Units Controlling airflow - VAV Fan coils Centriflow Plus® - Energy efficient plenum fan ECONET® - High...

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We Bring Air to Life Fläkt Woods is a global leader in air management. We specialize in the design and manufacture of a wide range of air climate and air movement solutions. FWG - Airchal technical brochure - GB 2012.10 - 8753 © Copyright 2012 Fläkt Woods Group Our collective experience is unrivalled. We are constantly aiming to provide systems that precisely deliver required function and performance as well as maximum energy efficiency.

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