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Cooler and ReCooler - 2

Everybody wants cooling The right temperature for optimum performance timum These days we take cooling for granted. We want a comfortable ted. Saving Energy, Economy and Environment with Fläkt Woods environment to work, travel and play in. It is now difcult to nd a new car without air conditioning! Cooling in a car improves safety oling by keeping your concentration sharp and the same goes for the p ofce. With the right temperature people just perform better. Energy optimization is an important aspect of ventilation, where Fläkt Woods have acclaimed expertise. We use e3 to highlight...

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Cooler and ReCooler - 3

Fläkt Woods Cooler – the simple solution Function and economy Each Cooler is function and performance tested in test rigs prior to delivery. The range consists of several versions for varying cooling requirements. Standardised units give assured function at a competitive price. Not to mention the time saved during design and installation. Air handling units with integrated cooling It may seem obvious that cooling should be part of the ventilation. Yet it is not uncommon for cooling to be installed as a separate system. There are advantages to integrating cooling in the ventilation unit....

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Cooler and ReCooler - 4

ReCooler with cooling recovery This new system consists of a Cooler combined with a hygroscopic rotor. Technical details • Charged with refrigerant and factory tested. The ReCooler’s condenser and subcooling coil is located in the extract air after the rotor. The separate subcooler allows the use of a special type of condenser which is very efcient at partial loads. • Complete with controls. • 0–10V control signal with three capacity steps. • Refrigerant R407c • Easy to select using our product selection tool ACON. • When combined with Control Master control equipment, a complete factory...

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Cooler and ReCooler - 5

Our constant aim is to provide systems that precisely deliver required function and performance, as well as maximise energy efciency. Solutions for all your air climate and air movement needs Fläkt Woods is providing solutions for ventilation and air climate for buildings as well as fan solutions for Industry and Infrastructure. Air Handling Units (AHUs) Modular, compact and small AHU units. Designed to ensure optimisation of indoor air quality, operational performance and service life. Advanced axial, centrifugal and boxed fans for general and specialist applications. Comprehensive range...

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