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eQ Hygiene Air Magic by Fläkt Woods

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When hygiene is especially crucial run smoothly, certain work- hygienic indoor climate that free. Flakt Woods has long experience of hygiene appli- countries in Europe and Asia use Flakt Woods ventilation ling unit, we offer safe, hygienic indoor climate. Hygiene relevant e Merkmale gepriift durch ILH BERLIN Flakt Woods hygiene appliances meets hygiene requirements according to VDI

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Hygienically approved non-metallic components Internal docking Thermal insulation class T3 Anti-condensation insulation class TB3 Window for easy inspection Stainless steel or precoated casing Leakage class L2 for casing Bag filter F7, HEPA or carbon filter Integrated or fully insulated fan frames without sharp edges Components with easy maintenance e.g. coils, rotary heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers Large inspection areas Floor without ditches and block joints Coil with pull-out tray is available Easy configuration with ACON product selection tool ACON provides all the information...

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Casing – performance characteristics With over 100 years’ experience, our units’ components are developed to provide indoor air that is as clean as possible. Even in its basic version, the eQ unit meets very strict hygiene standards. The sides of each module’s casing are very smooth, meaning that there are no differences in level between the panel surfaces and the closed frame profiles. There is no ledge at the base of the unit. Large inspection doors allow easy cleaning inside the unit. To ensure efficient water run-off during cleaning, the unit should be installed with an inclination of...

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The casing elements have a doublewall construction with a 50 mm thick non-combustible mineral wool insulation providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Twin-wall polycarbonate window for easy cleaning and inspection. Mechanically secured foam rubber sealing strips in the inspection doors minimise leakage flow. The door locks are fitted into the door frame to allow unobstructed airflow and prevent dirt accumulation. The unit casing is sealed with EPDM cellular rubber sealing strips with closed pores. The eQ unit’s casing complies with the following classes: Non-metallic material...

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Internal components – performance characteristics The casing and all components are designed to prevent water accumulation in crevices when the unit is washed and cleaned. Heat recovery with ECONET® and ECOTERM® In a hospital environment, no risk of leakage between the extract air and supply air is tolerated. To ensure secure ventilation, we offer the ECONET® and ECOTERM® liquid-coupled heat exchangers – a supply air and an extract air coil consisting of copper tubes and aluminium fins. ECONET® can be equipped with a double pump for sites where ventilation is crucial to production, making...

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Filter Vertical filter bags minimise the risk of moisture accumulation in the filter, which can cause increased pressure drop. HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Filter) are ideal for operating theatres and other places with high hygiene requirements, as they are 100% leakage free. The filter has a welded stainless steel wall in which the filter cassette is installed. No liquid seal is required between the wall and the cassette, and the wall is easy to install. here is no risk of T dust passing into the supply air. Pull-out filter frames are available for easy cleaning. Coils...

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Our constant aim is to provide systems that precisely deliver required function and performance, as well as maximise energy efficiency. Solutions for all your air climate and air movement needs Fläkt Woods is providing solutions for ventilation and air climate for buildings as well as fan solutions for Industry and Infrastructure. Handling Units (AHUs) Air Advanced axial, centrifugal and boxed fans for general and specialist applications. Comprehensive range including high temperature and ATEX compliant options. Engineered for energy efficiency and minimised life cycle cost. Modular,...

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