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Complete Control EMPA EMSS Open communication Cost Effective BMS/ SCADA Optimix Active air terminal device Wega Power Occupancy detector Built-in web Combine water and air STRA-04 ■ IPSUM System Optimizer ■ IPSUM System Router ■ IPSUM Connection Unit Occupancy detector Occupancy detector IPSUM from Fläkt Woods Tip: Simplify the routing of cables with the IPSUM System Router IPSUM from Fläkt Woods IPSUM is built up with the components described above to manage pressure and temperature optimization. IPSUM – a giant step forward! Demand Controlled Ventilation adjusts the level of air to the room’s actual needs. This means that a high indoor climate quality can be achieved at the same time as energy consumption is kept to a minimum. Natural areas for demand controlled ventilation are rooms with sharply varying loads such as conference rooms and meeting rooms. However, even in modern office spaces loads vary a great deal. Many studies show that often no more than half of the workplaces in an office are in use at the same time. Fläkt Woods has long worked with simple systems for demand controlled ventilation. With our new IPSUM optimization system we are taking another giant step forward. IPSUM will help you optimize the pressure and temperature in your climate control system. The development of IPSUM has also concentrated on simplicity. For example, this means providing a web interface that uses a number of smart functions to help you with commissioning and in-service monitoring. A prerequisite for IPSUM is that the Air Handling Unit is equipped with fan control. Take a step forward with IPSUM! Commissioning and monitoring is carried out via the embedded web server that has a host of smart features such as the copy function of specific room settings for quick setup. For end users, there are both trend logging, energy monitoring, and a powerful alarm management function. Ipsum can easily be connected to a BMS system if desired. Full control of the entire climate system allows optimal room comfort and operating economy. The IPSUM System Router and IPSUM Connection Unit are used for both waterborne and airborne VAV products. Open communication and 0...10 VDC signals allows the connection of air handling units other than the eQ or e3coStar. For smaller systems with a maximum of 30 IPSUM Connection Units, no IPSUM System Router is necessary. The built-in web interface with automatic configuration provides fast and simple installation and commissioning. IPSUM – temperature and pressure optimise your system System overview IPSUM optimises the pressure and temperature setpoints in the Air Handling Unit to achieve the lowest possible operating costs. In addition to the product dependent components necessary for a VAV system, the IPSUM system consists of three components. • IPSUM System Optimizer – Optimises operational data for the air handling unit. • IPSUM System Router – Links rooms, floors and zones. • IPSUM Connection Unit – Connects the products to the system, for exam- ple room controllers and actuators. IPSUM will manage waterborne and airborne systems – even where the installation contains a mix of both. IPSUM System Optimizer The heart of the system is the IPSUM System Optimizer. This compiles operational data and optimises the installation's operating point for energy consumption. Each IPSUM System Optimizer can manage up to 30 IPSUM System Routers. IPSUM System Router Larger or oddly shaped buildings can easily be subdivided using the IPSUM System Router. Each IPSUM System Router can manage up to 30 IPSUM Connection Units. IPSUM Connection Unit Room components can easily be connected to the system using an IPSUM Connection Unit. They can be used to connect room controllers, VAV actuators etc. In total the system can contain up to 300 IPSUM Connection Units. ■ Energy 85% ■ Purchase price 10% ■ Maintenance 5% Energy consumption 1. Pressure optimisation The duct pressure is optimised to its lowest level while maintaining room comfort. The adjustment of the air handling unit's air pressure setpoints are calculated on the basis of the actual positions of the dampers. Trend logging function Variable air flow IPSUM with useful tools to help you find data easily, export logged data or view in real time. Energy savings dash board 2. Temperature optimisation The supply air temperature is optimised to the lowest air flow that will maintain room comfort. The adjustment of the air handling unit's temperature setpoints are calculated on the basis of the heating and cooling demands of the room controllers. with common formats such as kWh, CO2 and currency. A powerful Alarm management console allowing customer names for easy identification at zone level and room level. Customer benefits 3. Free cooling 4. Energy monitoring in real time 5. The fire protection function provides increased safety 6. Full control down to room level 1. Pressure optimisation provides energy savings 2. Temperature optimisation provides energy savings 3. Free cooling provides energy savings Changes the control sequence for the chilled beams, so that airborne cooling is used before liquid-borne cooling when the Air Handling Unit has identified an opportunity to use free cooling. 4. Energy monitoring Energy savings are displayed directly in the web interface, in real time. 5. Fire protection function In the event of a fire alarm the dampers can be controlled so that they move to a predetermined position: close all, open all, open the supply air dampers or open the extract air dampers. 6. Full control The IPSUM architecture provides full monitoring and control of the climate system not only at zone level but right down to room level.

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IPSUM from Fläkt Woods The straightforward choice for good indoor climate and low energy costs Demand Controlled Ventilation – Overview Fläkt Woods is a global leader in air management. We specialize in the design and manufacture of a wide range of air climate and air movement solutions. For property owners • System optimisation minimizes operating cost and CO2 footprint For consultants • A cost effective system for low energy costs • Fläkt Woods eQ/e3coStar Air Handling Units provide maximum IPSUM functionality • Uses open communication protocols • Simple but flexible system...

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