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Complete Single Patient Use Laryngoscope System BritePro Solo features a Single Patient Use handle and LED lightsource with a fibre optic hybrid metal blade. The blade incorporates a reinforced nylon base and the handle conforms to all standard fibre optic systems. Complete Supplied sterile packed with fitted batteries and changeable blade. BritePro Solo is ready to use straight out of the box. Performance The textured grip which provides excellent control and feel, while the high intensity light gives excellent visualisation. Reliable With the advantage of being new every time, BritePro...

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Why Single Patient Use Reusable Laryngoscopes are classified as high risk, and handles are a known source of cross contamination. Studies have shown that decontamination using impregnated germicidal wipes is ineffective - with between 75%1 and 86%2 of “patient ready” handles remaining positive for bacterial contamination. The AAGBI Safety Guideline on Infection Control 3 recommends that reusable laryngoscope handles be “sterilised by SSDs after every use”, and concludes “single-use disposable equipment will remove the difficulties of reuse and decontamination procedures. The use of such...

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The only complete laryngoscope solution that combines disposable handle, lightsource with fitted battery, and blade in a single, sterile pack. For more information visit TOTAL QUALITY - TOTAL CARE

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