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patient safety during endoscopy TOTAL QUALITY-TOTAL CARE

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Patient Safety During Endoscopy Detachable Dual Nasal Cannula with Nasal & Oral O2 Delivery Patient Safety During Endoscopy Comfort Rest Bite Block The Challenge Many patients become significantly hypoxic during gastrointestinal endoscopic To protect the patient, it is imperative to deliver oxygen and monitor CO2 simultaneously endoscopy, oxygen saturation falls moderately in most patients and quite profoundly in some patients to dangerously low levels. Hypoxia or hypercapnia may follow. Supplemental oxygenation during endoscopy has exerted by far the greatest impact on the reduction of the...

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DualGuard - 3

patient safety during endoscopy TOTAL QUALITY-TOTAL CARE Flexicare Medical Limited Cynon Valley Business Park, Flexicare India Flexicare Medical India Pvt.Ltd North Phase, Developed Plot No.10A, 15281 Barranca Pkwy, Unit D Flexicare Middle East Africa Urn Uthaina, Shat Al Arab Street Bid. 9, 4th Floor, Amman, Jordan Flexicare China Flexicare Medical Dongguan Limited Zone I, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province DualGuard™ is a trademark of Flexicare Medical Limited Flexicare Australia Unit 10/38 Corporate Boulevard

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