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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 2

working global acting local AIRWAY MANAGEMENT countries worldwide through a network of distributors and our own subsidiaries Headquarters Flexicare Medical Limited Flexicare Middle East Africa Cynon Valley Business Park, 15281 Barranca Pkwy, Unit D Um Uthaina, Shat Al Arab Street, Bld. 9, 4th Floor, Amman, Jordan Laryngeal Mask Airways Laryngoscopes Guedel Airways Williams Airways Nasopharyngeal Airways Endotracheal Tubes Stylets Adult Anesthesia Breathing Circuits Pediatric Anesthesia Breathing Circuits Jackson-Rees Circuits Monitoring Lines Reservoir Bags Anesthesia Face Masks...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 3

Internationally Recognized Flexicare has a worldwide presence in the medical industry. With offices across Europe, USA, the Middle East, India, the Far East, and Australia, we are able to respond to customer requirements and provide a fast and efficient service. Flexicare is represented by a network of distributors to allow us to further our customer satisfaction over 85 Customer Care Our Customer Care Department is available to respond to your inquiries and provide online information regarding our product range and to discuss your requirements. Our experienced Sales Team can offer advice...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 4

LarySeal Multiple Our silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways are designed to be sterilized and used up to a recommended 40 times. The LarySeal Multiple cuff adapts to the contour of the oropharyngeal area to provide a secure seal. LarySeal Video - Medical Grade Silicone Crush Resistant The thickness of the main tube wall reduces the risk of crushing. Universal Connection 15mm Male connector provides a universal connection. Autoclavable, Reusable Durable high temperature resistant times autoclaving. Airway Management Silicone allows the cuff of the mask to form itself to the contour...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 5

LarySeal Clear LarySeal Flexi LarySeal Clear is a single patient use PVC laryngeal mask airway, engineered using extra soft matt textured materials to replicate as closely as possible that of silicone, providing Anesthesiologists the same feel as LarySeal Blue and LarySeal Multiple. LarySeal Flexi is specially designed for use in ophthalmic, ENT, dental and other head and neck surgeries. The construction of the main tube allows it to be positioned well away from the surgical field, improving surgical access without compromising the seal. The LarySeal Flexi main tube is reinforced to avoid...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 6

Laryngoscopes Introduction Reusable Fiber Optic Blades Flexicare has a full range of Reusable Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades and Handles conforming to EN ISO 7376. Using the highest grades of fiber optics provides maximum cold light transfer, allowing clinicians to gain an optimum view of the larynx. All reusable fiber optic blades and handles are fully autoclavable and are supported by a lifetime guarantee.1 Specialty American Laryngoscope Blades Fiber Optic Macintosh Blades The curved design of the American Macintosh Blade allows the tip to be naturally guided to the epiglottic vallecula...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 7

IntegraBlade Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades FIber Optic Specialty Blades The integrated fiber optic within the body of the IntegraBlade makes the structure seamless, therefore reducing the risk of contamination or foreign bodies becoming trapped. Flexicare has a range of Fiber Optic Reusable Specialty Blades designed to provide clinicians with complete freedom of choice for specific patient intubation requirements. Robert Shaw Fiber Optic Blades Designed for neonatal and infant use, Robert Shaw blades feature a gentle shallow curvature of the blade to indirectly lift the epiglottis in a...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 8

Reusable Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handles & Box Sets Flexicare has introduced a range of handles that are capable of delivering high illumination and are compatible with all fiber optic blades conforming to EN ISO 7376. BritePro Max uses the latest in LED technology to provide an electroluminescence, which is a strong white light, allowing clinicians to have a clearer view of the larynx and a truer view of tissue visibility or lesions. All handles are bi-polar, allowing the laryngoscope to function irrespective of the way the batteries are inserted. The handles can be opened from either end...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 9

Single-Patient-Use Metal Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes BritePro Solo BriteBlade Pro is a 100% Metal Single-Use Fiber Optic Blade designed for single use, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from both the blade and handle. It has a unique hinge design that prevents the folded blade from touching the handle. BritePro Solo is a complete Single-Use Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Solution comprised of an advanced LED handle and a fully metal blade. This unique product is just as it should be: combining the best qualities of reusable laryngoscopes along with all of the benefits of a completely...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 10

Standard Laryngoscope Blades Standard Specialty Blades The range of standard laryngoscopes are manufactured from high quality stainless steel supported by a lifetime guarantee1. The light bulb in the blade can easily be changed and the distance from the bulb to the blade tip will protect the patient from accidental burns while providing a high level of illumination. Flexicare has a range of Conventional Reusable Specialty Blades designed to provide clinicians with complete freedom of choice for specific patient intubation requirements. • High Quality Stainless Steel • Fully Autoclavable...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 11

Standard Reusable Laryngoscope Handles & Box Sets Guedel Airways All handles are bi-polar, allowing the laryngoscope to function irrespective of the way the batteries are inserted. The handles can be opened at either end in order to remove swelled batteries with ease. Flexicare has a full range of guedel airways with color-coded bite blocks, which provide free air flow while protecting the airway from occlusion. Prevents the patient from biting down and occluding the airway. Color-Coded Bite Block Guedel Packs The individually packaged single-use guedels are supplied sterile to reduce the...

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Flexicare 2015 Catalogue - 12

Nasopharyngeal Airways Nasopharyngeal Airways NasoSafe is an innovative Nasopharyngeal Airway. The swivel safety grip eliminates the risk of the airway from traveling down the nasal passage while providing maximum comfort for the patient. NasoClear is a simple and effective nasopharyngeal airway designed for easy insertion and maximum patient compliance. Patient Comfort Reduced Risk of Patient Reaction NasoClear is better tolerated by awake patients than oropharyngeal airways. NasoClear is made of medical grade PVC and is implant tested. Patient Comfort Reduced Risk of Injury During...

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