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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 2

World Class Healthcare Flexicare is a privately owned, leading manufacturer and supplier of medical devices with over 40 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Headquartered in the UK, Flexicare is a major supplier to the NHS and private institutions in the UK. We also have an international presence in over 105 countries through appointed distributors and supported by Flexicare subsidiaries in the US, Australia, China, Europe, India, Korea, Middle East, and Malaysia.

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 3

F4 drainable 2 litre bag range 10 Wystopper stoma stopper 15 EZ-Flow catheter valve 16

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 4

WYCATH INTERMITTENT CATHETERS BLADDER DRAINAGE & STRICTURE THERAPY Navigating even the most difficult tract. Flexicare has a wide range of intermittent catheters for bladder drainage and stricture therapy. We provide a range of Standard, Female and Paediatric lengths meeting all patients requirements. Choice of Tips Our selection of tips are available to navigate even the most difficult tracts and are available in Standard, Tiemann, Tapered and Soft Tip. Hydrophilic or Uncoated Our sterile catheters are supplied in a choice of hydrophilic or uncoated catheters in easy to open packaging....

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 5

WYCATH HYDROPHILIC INTERMITTENT CATHETERS Our sterile Hydrophilic coated catheter comes with our Wycath water sachet sealed inside the packaging. Simply press the button to release the water before insertion. Easy to open for patients with dexterity difficulties and supplied in a range of tips. Standard Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters TIP LENGTH EYELETS • 10CH 12CH • 14CH • 16CH • 18CH INTERMITTENT CATHETERS

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 6

WYCATH UNCOATED INTERMITTENT CATHETERS Our extensive choice of tips are available across the WyCath range, providing the ideal catheter for each patient. Wycath's sterile uncoated intermittent catheters are supplied in Standard, Female and Paediatric lengths meeting all patient's requirements. Standard Uncoated Intermittent Catheters TIP LENGTH EYELETS • 10CH 12CH • 14CH • 16CH

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 7

Our market-leading meatal dilators are designed to ease through strictures. Available in a choice of 2 tips, with a hydrophilic coating to ease insertion. Choice of Tips Our meatal dilators are available in Standard and Tapered tip to help ease through strictures. Hydrophillic Coating Our Meatal Dilators have a hydrophilic coating to ease insertion. Simply fill the dilator sleeve with water then wait 30 seconds for hydrophilic coating to activate. INTERMITTENT CATHETERS

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 8

CONTOURED, DISCREET LEG BAGS offering a secure and comfortable fit.Our range of leg bags are contoured to offer a comfortable fit whilst distributing urine evenly, giving patients confidence wherever they are. Non-return Valve All our drainage bags are fitted with a non-return valve (NRV) as standard. Needle-Free Sample Port Our sample port eliminates the risk of needle stick injury and the smooth exterior reduces potential marking of the skin and visibility under clothing. Date and Use Box Clear indications of use and a date box allow information to be recorded on all our bags. Secure...

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 9

Our leg bags are available in short (7cm) or long (30cm) tube lengths and for those requiring a customised length, we offer a 500ml capacity bag with an extra-long adjustable length tube (60cm). Standard Leg Bags Our standard leg bag is contoured offering an improved and comfortable fit while distributing urine evenly. SHORT TUBE LONG TUBE SHORT TUBE LONG TUBE ADJUSTABLE uESLKimuN HOSPITAL HOSPITAL COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY Discreet Leg Bags Our Discreet leg bags are a neutral colour which makes them less conspicuous under clothing and the white print reduces the possibility of bright...

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 10

Our drainable urine bags provide a robust and versatile urine drainage solution for both hospital and community environments. All drainable 2 litre bags are fitted with a non-return valve to prevent urine reflux. Easy to Operate, Taps The F4 bags are fitted with a choice of a lever tap or T-tap. Both taps are simple and easy to operate. Free and Rapid Flow Our soft wide bore drainage tubing allows unimpaired flow of urine and comfort against the skin. Lower Profile The F4LS side tap lowers the profile of the drainage bag and moves the tap clear off the floor to prevent accidental...

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 11

F4 PLUS 2 LITRE BAG RANGE Hydrophobic Filter The F4 Plus hydrophobic filter prevents air building up in the bag without allowing proteins or fluids to pass through. Integral Bag Hanger The hanger can fit securely to any bed. The inlet tube is maintained in position to allow for direct flow into the drip chamber. Non-Return Valve The F4 Plus bag is fitted with a second non-return valve preventing the contents of the bag returning to the drip chamber, eliminating reflux and providing directional flow of fluids. Drip Chamber The pasteur drip chamber enables the urine flow to be observed....

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 12

ONCE DRAINABLE 2 LITRE BAGS just twist-snap, drain and dispose.F2-EZ is a 2L drainage bag designed to be opened quickly whilst allowing controlled drainage of fluids. The bag is designed with a simple twist-snap tap to enable the urine to be directed and emptied easily. F2-EZ Top Located Tap The Twist-snap tap is located in the top corner of the bag to offer a 'jug' effect and greater control when emptying. Secure Connection Our stepped connectors are featured on the F2-EZ and F2-EZB offering secure and reliable connection to catheters and drainage bags. Twist-Snap Tap The innovative...

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Issue 6 Urology Catalogue - 13

Flexicare F2 bag provides a clean and safe method of urine drainage. F2 is a high quality bag that is simple and easy to use, assuring confidence to clinicians and comfort for users. Easy to use The simple and easy-to-use tear mark can be used to open and drain the bag when needed. After use, the bag can be easily disposed of making the F2 an ideal bag for use in both hospital and community settings. Safe and Secure Drainage The non-return valve (NRV) is designed to allow low pressure drainage in one direction while preventing all flow in the opposite direction, reducing the risk of...

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