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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 1

OXYGEN THERAPY & CAPNOGRAPHY Flexicare's Oxygen Delivery and Capnography products include Variable Concentration Masks; Nasal Cannulas; End-Tidal C02 Monitoring Nasal Cannulas and Masks; Capnography Accessories; Dual Nasal Cannula 35 Endoscopy C02 Monitoring and 02 Delivery Nasal Hoods Dual Nasal Hoods 41 Variable Concentration Pocket Resuscitation Mask 42 OXYGEN THERAPY & CAPNOGRAPHY

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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 2

Capnography Capnography and CO2 Monitoring Monitoring the patient’s breathing in emergency situations is of paramount importance. Delivering oxygen ensures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood is maintained, which is sometimes monitored and measured by a pulse oximeter. However, the pulse oximeter does not provide breath-by-breath patient ventilator status. Capnography is the vital sign of ventilation. By tracking the patient’s expired CO2 clinicians can evaluate the ventilation condition of the patient during critical emergency situations and make the judgment to assess and treat...

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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 3

Dual Nasal Cannula End-Tidal C02 Monitoring & 02 Delivery Cannula The Dual Nasal Cannula is designed to provide oxygen to both nostrils and also sample C02 at the same time. Dual Video rn C02 is sampled from both nostrils Q Fresh oxygen is delivered to both The patient's expiratory flow will divert fresh LU2 for side-stream C02 monitoring 2 nostrils via the ports. gas away from the sampling nares. MALE LUER FEMALE LUER PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Adult Dual Nasal Cannula, Pigtail Luer (7ft) Adult Dual Nasal Cannula, Luer (7ft) Adult Dual Nasal Cannula and Filter, Luer (7ft) Adult Dual Nasal...

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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 4

Dual Mask Capnography Mask The Dual Capnography Mask provides continual monitoring of carbon dioxide being exhaled from the mouth and nose while administering oxygen to the patient. The integrated oxygen and sampling line is simple and easy to use. Dual Video Star Lumen Tubing, Secured Oxygen Delivery Star Lumen Tubing, supplied with international standard conforming connectors, ensures that the flow of oxygen is maintained even if the tube is kinked. Easy Fit with Excellent Seal The soft, pliable mask molds easily to the patient's face, while the feather rim provides maximum comfort to the...

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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 5

CapnoCare CapnoCare is a CO2 sampling device for use during critical situations when monitoring of EtCO2 is required. CapnoCare can be used with a resuscitator bag for intubated patients or with anesthesia masks. Universal Connections The 22/15mm connectors can be used with ET tubes or anesthesia masks. Fixed Line The pre-assembled fixed line saves time and reduces the risk of mis-assembly and delays in critical clinical situations. PART NUMBER Available in male, female and slip luer. Hydrophobic Filter Improved Accessibility Protects the monitor from condensation and cross-contamination...

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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 6

Patient Safety During Endoscopy The Challenge Many patients become significantly hypoxic during gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures.1 Following induced sedation during endoscopy, oxygen saturation falls moderately in most patients and quite profoundly in some to dangerously low levels. Hypoxia or hypercapnia may follow. Supplemental oxygenation during endoscopy has exerted by far the greatest impact on the reduction of the incidence To protect the patient, it is imperative to deliver oxygen and monitor CO2 simultaneously The Requirement According to American Society of Anesthesiologists’...

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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 7

Detachable Dual Nasal Cannula with Oral O2 Delivery CO2 Monitoring Includes 10ft Star Lumen Oxygen Tubing Comfort Rest Bite Block 60Fr LuerSafe Connector Oral Sampling Line Adjustable Head Strap - Continuous oxygen delivery and CO2 monitoring post-procedure without the need to use another device. - Superior waveforms and reliable sampling for oral and/or nasal breathers even with sinus congestion or a deviated septum. - Flexicare’s unique cap-less self-sealing LuerSafe port only accepts the correct corresponding color-coded LuerSafe monitoring line to open the valve and provide oral CO2...

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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 8

Nasal Hoods Flexicare’s range of single-use and reusable nasal hoods are designed to provide the best solution for nitrous oxide delivery during dental procedures. Nasal Hoods Reduced Risk of Gas Leakage Increased Patient Compliance The feathered edges provide a comfortable fit while also maintaining a secure seal. Helping patients overcome anxiety associated with dental procedures. LATEX X-Ray Latex Free Eliminating the risk of allergic reaction to latex. Variety of Scents Flexicare offers a range of pleasant scents as well as plain. PART NUMBER Nasal Hood Nasal Hood Nasal Hood Nasal Hood...

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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 9

Dual Nasal Hoods The unique Dual Nasal Hood with LuerSafe provides optional CO2 monitoring during dental procedures that utilize nitrous oxide or other forms of sedation. Dual Nasal Hoods Capnography and CO2 Monitoring Monitoring a patient’s breathing is of paramount importance. Capnography is the vital sign of ventilation. By tracking the patient’s expired CO2, clinicians can evaluate the ventilation condition of the patient during sedation and make the judgment to assess and treat the patient. The Dual Nasal Hood is designed to provide desired gas to both nostrils and also sample CO2 at...

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Oxygen Therapy & Capnography - 10

Variable Concentration All masks are supplied with knitted latex free straps. The knitted strap maintains its width when stretched, reducing the pressure on the patient’s skin and can protect the patient from pressure sores. Adult MC Mask with Head Strap and Tubing Adult MC Mask with Head Strap, Tubing and Nose Clip Pediatric MC Mask with Head Strap and Tubing Nasal Cannulas Nasal Cannulas are used for their simplicity and patient convenience. There is entrainment of ambient air through the nostrils. The FiO2 achieved is proportional to: the flow rate of oxygen (1-6 l/mni); the patient’s...

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