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ENVIRONMENT MAKERS Industrial products catalog 2017

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Food and Agricolture Governments and Foreign trade Medical and Pharmaceutics IT and Telco Textile, Apparel and Footwear Games, toys and Hardlines Industry and impiant Electric and Electronics Environmental Simulation The ideal conditions for your samples Blood Safe Fast temperature down Ultra Low Temperature Take care of research Custom Solution Particular machine upon your need

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COMPANY PRESENTATION Our Motto is "Environment Makers" FDM is a family company dedicated to simulation chamber and temperature control. Founded in the 50’s by Giuseppe Della Marca, the company soon became an example of proven cutting-edge technologies and pioneering innovations. Nowadays, our quality products and maintenance services help you dominate thermostatic and refrigeration controlled systems in scientific, bio-medical, industry and research fields. We keep improving; differentiate ourselves from others through continuous innovation, through our R&D departments. The customer is our...

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COMPANY MISSION FDM's mission is to help build the best environment condition for scientific research and laboratory testing. We want to improve efficiency and result of our customer, offering the best technology and our experience. Passion, technology and customization are described by our logo, a combination of rhombuses, like ice diamonds. The superior value of a long lasting solution for controlling your environment. Our motto is "Environment Makers". It highlights our strongest ability combined with the modern "Makers" way of thinking: literally project, design and make a customized...

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FDM is a leading company in material testing chambers and laboratory equipment manufacturing. Since 1950, we've made your testing enviroment better through innovation, passion and attention to Quality. Our main products are: - Material Testing Chamber (Constant/Cycle-Dynamic/Whit Light) - Laboratory refrigerators - Deep and Ultra Freezers - Medical and Blood related equipment QUALITY MANAGEMENT _ CERTIFICATES Our company's quality management system conforms to UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485 standards. Moreover, our Ultra and Blast freezers and Blood refrigerators conform to Concil...

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As a family and dynamic company we are also able to satisfy your specific requirements through our Custom solutions department. Automotive Plastics and Industry Electronics / Semiconductor Industry Air / Space Travel, Defence Metal Industry / Engineering Pharmaceuticals Industry Basic Research / Research Institutes Packaging Industry Cosmetics Industry Food / Beverage Cosmetics Industry Plant / Insect Growth Packaging Industry Surface Technology Industry

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Our Skill is realize special machine according to standards. EN 196-1 Methods of testing cement, Determination of strenght EN 1367-1 Tests for thermal and weathering properties of aggregates. Determination of resistance to freezing and thawing EN 12390-2 Testing hardened concrete. Making and curing specimens for strength tests EN 12371 Natural stone test methods. Determination of frost resistance EN 12004 Adhesives for tiles. Definitions and specifications: 1348:2007 - 1346 - 1308 - 12002 - 1324 EN 13383-2 Armourstone. Test methods

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MAIN STANDARDS THAT OUR PRODUCTS OSSERVE Material testing is stressful not only for the specimens. When is required to satisfy standards. Don’t worry about that, just relax and push the button! Choose the standard you need to run on your climate chamber with the easiness of a touch screen, that’s all. You need more test standards? Program it by yourself or ask us to do it for you. We’ll send you an USB key with the software updates. Tell us if you have special requirements about standards, run steps and temperature/humidity cycles. Adhesives for tiles - Determination Adhesives for tiles -...

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Make easier simulations CLIMATE CHAMBER Program your environment with the easiness of a touch screen. An automatic regulator will perform the best temperature and humidity simulation cycles you need: cement/concrete testing, electronic components testing, accelerated aging and much more.

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Special specs With illumination Parameter controls Temperature & humidity es. LDC140BXPRO = Light climate chamber 140 liters with daylamp light, -25...+70oC range temperature in stainless steel external material and programmer with cycle. Cyclic Climate Chamber CB-CS PRO Page 12-13 Constant Climate Chamber CB-CS Page 14-15 Material Test Chamber CBC-CSC PRO Page 18-19 Light Climate Chamber LCB-LCS Page 16-17

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Lighting system Digital recorder of Temperature/ Humidity USB port for download of recorded data Temperature extension to +80°C Custom options ( more information from page 42-43) Additional Programs: •    10 programs / 50 steps The cyclic climate chamber can simulate a ideal ambient for your samples. The environment chamber simulate temperature up to 70oC and humidity equal to 98%. The programmer have a full control of parameters for simulate a special environment. Its be able to repeat simulation many times over. • Best quality components for a longterm simulation • Temperature range of...

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Model code (CB PRO Series) ^depending on set point| All technical data are specified for units with standard equipment at an ambient temperature of 25 °C and a voltage fluctuation of ±10 %. We reserve the right to change technical specifications at any time.

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CONSTANT CLIMATE CHAMBER CB-CS Series The constant climate chamber can simulate a ideal ambient for your samples. The environment chamber simulate temperature up to 70°C and humidity equal to 98%. The controllers have a full control of parameters for simulate a special environment. Its a perfect solution for stability test. Best quality components for a longterm simulation Humidity range 10% r.H. to 98% r.H. Average heating and cooling rate according EN 60068-3-5: +1.5/-0.8°C/min Display controllers for temperature and humidity - PID constant stability Safety device with manual reset C700BX...

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